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For smartphone gamers, this Game Cube emulator is one of the best emulators we have in the market. The gameplay of this emulator is very good and also it is not too old. Nintendo GameCube dispatches just about 17 years however it games Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Striker Android gamers use. It will also work in recent game consoles like an optical disc. People nowadays using mobile phones whatever the profession they are in. Most mobile users use touch mobiles. Only a few are using keypad mobiles. In touch mobiles, we will have several options like WhatsApp, check emails, play games, and so on.

Some people want to relax in their busy schedules. Somebody went to movies to relax somebody playing cricket, badminton but somebody relax playing games on their mobiles. Most of the touch mobiles have some games like sudoku, cards. But playing old games gets bored for most people. So we want to play new games that are not available on mobile now. Emulators are useful to download new games on our mobile. Nowadays we have several emulators available in the market. But GameCube emulators are one of the best emulators for games. There are several GameCube emulators available in the market. Below are the 3 best GameCube emulators


1. Dolphin Emulator Game Cube Emulator


Dolphin emulator is the best emulator. So we play games on both GameCube as well as Wii too. Dolphin emulator is available for free. Both GameCube and Nintendo games can be conveniently played with this emulator app even though it is still in its beta phase. The app works fine on android 5.0 and higher.

Installing Dolphin emulator on any smartphone requires that your android device must be on the 64 bits architecture. It should be able to stand video backend 3.1 or higher. You do not have to bother yourself with these technical jargons. All you have to do to find out if your phone meets the requirement to run Dolphin android emulator is to install the app.

Other features of Dolphin Emulator include speed control so you can skip long waiting times in latest games and speed run your way through victory. You can even tweak your CPU clock if in case your phone isn’t able to keep up with the graphics of the game you’re playing.

Features of Dolphin:

  1. Whenever you save at any point in time we can reload the state.
  2. We will change our resolution to 1080 to play our games.
  3. Dolphin emulator supports Wiimote, Nunchuck for getting the most attractive game feel.

2. MegaN64 Game Cube Emulator


MegaN64 Game Cube emulator is another emulator we have. With the MegaN64 emulator, we get fast gaming without any interruptions. MegaN64 is working fine if you download this into an SD card. The system does not come with ROMs. You will need to upload them to your Android device so that the games that you want to play are playable when you log into the emulator. Even though the games do not come with the emulator, there is an extensive library of games and cheats that are compatible with the MegaN64.

However, once properly installed and set up, the emulator works flawlessly for all the classic Nintendo titles. You can also change the speed of the gameplay to finish long tasks quicker or slow it down if you prefer so. It does take up quite a bit of your mobile’s storage when compared to the other emulators on this list so just keep that in mind.

3. ClassicBoy Game Cube Emulator

ClassicBoy emulator is like most gamers because it has iconic joy and plays controllers.ClassicBoy emulator supports sensor controllers. It will also support a gamepad and joysticks. It does not come with any ROMs, however it can play games from the PlayStation 1, the Nintendo 64. The GameBoy Development, GameBoy Classic, GameBoy Shade, classic NES, Sega Genisis, and also SNK NeoGeo can likewise work.

Since there are selections of video games available, controller mapping is a bit part of what makes this emulation great. If you take pleasure in playing multiple fight games on your Android gadget, controller mapping makes it much better. Prior to anything else, it is crucial to own the original duplicates of GameCube’s computer game. You should buy it since most of them are copyrighted.

Out of the lengthy listing of traditional console video game emulators, just a few of them run on android. The majority of these emulators operate on computers only. When it involves mimicing your favored timeless console games on android, you can never ever go wrong with the Dolphin emulator. All tips made in this write-up to configure the settings of Dolphin are not to be taken for given. While some smartphones will do fine with them for some others, you’ll need to make changes depending on the game you wish to mimic. download the app on your Android phone click here

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