3 Best GameCube Emulators for Android
3 Best GameCube Emulators for Android

People nowadays using mobile phones whatever the profession they are in. Most mobile users use touch mobiles. Only a few are using keypad mobiles. In touch mobiles, we will have several options like WhatsApp, check emails, play games, and so on. Some people want to relax in their busy schedules. Somebody went to movies to relaxing somebody playing cricket, badminton but somebody relaxes playing games on their mobiles. Most of the touch mobiles have some games like sudoku, cards. But playing old games gets bored for most people. So we want to play new games that are not available on mobile now. Emulators are useful to download new games on our mobile. Nowadays we have several emulators available in the market. But GameCube emulators are one of the best emulators for games. For smartphone gamers, Android GameCube emulators are one of the best emulators we have in the market.

The gameplay of GameCube emulators is very good and also it is not too old. Nintendo GameCube launches almost 17 years but it games Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Striker Android gamers use. It will also work in recent game consoles like an optical disc. There are several GameCube emulators available in the market. Below are the 3 best GameCube emulators.

1. Dolphin Emulator


Dolphin emulator is the best GameCube emulator. Dolphin emulator not only has GameCube games it also has Wii games. So we play games on both GameCube as well as Wii too. Dolphin emulator is available for free.

Features of Dolphin:

  • Whenever you save at any point in time we can reload the state.
  • We will change our resolution to 1080 to play our games.
  • Dolphin emulator supports Wiimote, Nunchuck for getting the most attractive game feel.

2. MegaN64

MegaN64 GameCube emulator is another emulator we have. With the MegaN64 emulator, we get fast gaming without any interruptions.MegaN64 is working fine if you download this into an SD card.

3. ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy emulator is like most gamers because it has iconic joy and play controllers.ClassicBoy emulator supports sensor controllers. It will also support a gamepad and joysticks.


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