Technology has become vital for almost everything, and marketing has gone digital. It is no longer enough to be great at creating marketing content as marketers also need to use various tools to ensure their efforts are effective. Using the right technologies will improve your marketing efforts and help you generate more revenue, reach more people, and improve your ROI. So, what technologies do marketers have available to them?



Email marketing remains one of the best ways to reach people to tell them about your business or brands, its products, and services, as well as promotions and sales. If done right, marketing can have a very high return on investment and conversion. This means no spamming and actually sending emails that people will be happy to receive,

Email is also very powerful because it helps you get in touch with a customer more than once, helping increase brand recognition and awareness. This can turn those who have opted in into valuable life-long customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Data has become one of the most valuable commodities for marketers and anyone who can take advantage of it stands to benefit a lot. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to analyze different types of customer and business data, optimize marketing campaigns, create reports and streamline different business and marketing processes.

Marketers also say that they use AI to identify prospects and reach out to them. Predictive marketing using AI is already producing great results for businesses and will continue to do so for marketers who can take full advantage of AI.


SMS has become an important part of marketing technologies because it offers marketers loads of benefits. Marketing has the highest open rate of any messaging medium, beating email, which used to be at the top. People are also more receptive to SMS messaging because it is often seen as more personal than email. Also, your marketing text messages will never go to the junk or spam folder as marketing emails do.

SMS marketing is such a strong tool that it is now being used in political messaging too. Parties and candidates now use SMS to not only reach their constituents and the public but also to collect donations for their campaigns. Using the powerful political campaign mobile messaging tools from Tatango, for example, parties and candidates can achieve their campaigning needs and reach those they need to without too much effort or hassle.

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools help marketers visualize and understand the different types of data they collect. These can range from website visitors to converting customers and even email open rates. Using these tools helps marketers validate that their strategies are working and make adjustments when things are not going too well. 

Marketers also have access to social media analytics tools. Seeing how important social media is to marketing, marketers, and businesses have to understand how they are doing across different social media platforms and this is where these analytics tools come in.


Using the latest technologies and staying up to date with upcoming ones is crucial for any marketers who want to improve their performance and effectiveness. The right technologies can also increase profitability and help streamline marketing workflows.


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