Android Outdoes iPhone

When purchasing a brand-new smartphone, some people find it difficult to choose between an Android or iOS device. There are pros and cons for both operating systems. 

Although there are very few differences between these cutting-edge mobile devices, some will always argue that Android smartphones are better than iPhones, while others will argue the contrary. Here are five reasons why Android outdoes the iPhone in 2023. 

Five reasons why it’s better to get an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone

People today use their smartphones for everything from watching their favourite movies and TV shows to playing their favourite games, and from working and editing photos to paying the bills, getting the weekly groceries, reading their favourite online casino blog, staying in touch with friends and relatives, and so much more.

Therefore, it’s important to have a trusted device that won’t let you down whatever you will be using it for. 

To help you decide which smartphone to invest in the next time you’re in the market for a new device, here are five reasons why you may want to go for an Android smartphone instead of an iOS iPhone. They include the following:

  1. Cost – Even the most expensive Android smartphones are cheaper than iPhones, so when it comes to affordability, Android smartphones are often more within most people’s price range
  2. Storage – Android smartphones generally come with expandable storage. Therefore, when your device is too full of important files, they can be added to Micro SD cards. Also, when it comes to cloud storage, Android users get up to 15GB of free cloud space on Google Drive to store excess data/files, whereas Apple users only get 5GB on their version known as iCloud
  3. Servicing – Apple iPhones cost a lot to get repaired. In comparison, Android smartphones are relatively cheap and much easier to get repaired, plus Android batteries are usually much easier to replace
  4. Device choice – Hundreds of different Android smartphone devices are built by multiple manufacturers, meaning there’s so much more choice. In comparison, there are just a handful of iOS smartphones, which are all made by Apple. In other words, there are very few style options when it comes to buying an iOS smartphone. The devices all look pretty much the same (apart from the size)
  5. High charger compatibility – The USB-C charger can fit in any Android smartphone, but the iOS charger can only fit in Apple devices. Android chargers are also known for having more speed

If you’re still wondering what else makes Android smartphones better than Apple iOS iPhones, here are a few more reasons why you may want to invest in an Android device rather than an iOS device. 

More reasons why Androids are better than iOS smartphones

Android users have complete control over the customisation of their devices. They can change how the device looks and sounds by customising the ringtones, adjusting how they interact with their device, changing the home screen, the cover of the phone, and so much more. 

iPhone users don’t have any freedom to customise their devices. Also, Android users have more freedom over where they can download their apps, unlike iOS users, who only have one place to download them. Android users can get their apps from many trusted third-party app platforms. 

iPhones are also known to be a nightmare when attempting to move files from the handset to a computer. Android users can turn off notifications much quicker than iPhone users, and Android devices are much easier to navigate. 

What are the best Android smartphones in 2023?

If you’re looking for a reliable Android smartphone to purchase in 2023 after weighing up all the advantages of having one, some of the most trusted devices worth investing in this year are the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Google Pixel 7a, or the Motorola Edge, to name just a few. 

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