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If you ask students about studying in college, for sure one of the most popular answers will be “Too much writing”! Writing an essay is a very common task, and it is understandable. When teachers give such a task, they can easily check whether the students understand the topic or not and whether they did proper research when writing an essay or not. As well as what kind of topics from the discussed and already learned students didn’t get quite well. And the problem is that even though many students can express their ideas in an oral form, it’s hard for them to do that in a written form.

Of course, if you are planning to buy paperwork on some popular and reliable writing service site, like on site then for sure you don’t need our article; the only tip we can give is to read reviews and choose the reliable one. But if you want to do everything yourself, then this article will be helpful. Here are six tips for you in order to write a good college essay.

1. Study the topic 

One of the main problems that all students face, and that makes us stare at the blank paper or computer screen, is that you cannot relate to the topic. It’s normal that when the topic you have to write about is something new for you, it’s almost impossible to write decent paperwork. That is why we recommend you start with research; try to find some angle from which this topic might become familiar to you. Read several articles or free samples of works that you can find online. For sure, it will help you to get rid of the writing block.

2. Start writing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is the main idea that you are trying to transmit to your readers through your paperwork. That is why, at first, you have to understand what is your opinion on the given topic, then you should try to express it in words, and only after that should you start writing the body of an essay. Let us give you an example. Suppose your topic is “Capital punishment, should it be banned or not.” The thesis statements you can go with are the following: 

Capital punishment is not acceptable in the modern society

The judicial system can’t do without capital punishment as, in some cases, it’s the only way to punish the committed crime

3. Essay outline is an essential part of writing a good paperwork  

If you have a thesis statement, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be super easy for you to write the rest of an essay. In order to do it, you also need an essay outline. It will become like a skeleton of your paperwork when you have the main thesis and the supporting ideas for each part of an essay, such as the introduction and the body of your essay, where you usually have to give two or three main points and a conclusion. Having an outline, you will not get lost in all the ideas you might have.

4. Introduction shall be catchy, conclusion shall be worth applause 

For sure, you know from your personal experience that if the first couple of sentences are not interesting, the chance that you will read or listen to the essay up to the end is very low. That is why it is very important to thoroughly think through your introduction part and try to get readers’ attention from the first words. And there is another issue that, in most cases, if the listener, for some reason, missed the beginning of your essay, they will for sure remember the final words, meaning the conclusion. That is why you have to pay attention and make the conclusion a strong end for your paperwork. 

5. Proofreading is something you should pay attention to 

We all hate mistakes. When you see a typo or a grammar mistake, it can be a very distracting thing. Sometimes, even though the ideas expressed in the essay can be great, due to the fact that they are written in poor English, you don’t want to continue or finish reading. It proves that the writer was not very attentive and didn’t care much about “post production.” There are several special applications you can use if you are not sure about your knowledge and the ability to eliminate all the mistakes. Some of them are completely free; some have premium subscriptions; it’s just a matter of choice and your personal preferences.     

6. Editing  

If you think that choice of words is not important, you are so wrong. Sometimes the word put in the other paragraph or a word expression substituted by a more suitable one can turn your paperwork from a” good one” into a “perfection.” So, we highly recommend not to underestimate the process of editing. And if there is such an opportunity to spend at least a day editing your paperwork.   

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