Samsung started rolling out the Android 5.0 update for their devices. We were also expecting to get the update for the Note 3, but at the Q1 of 2015. But, we spotted the Android 5.0 update for Note 3 at Vietnam today.

if you are thinking about this news being fake, then you must see about the Android 5.0 ROM update shared on the XDA forum . According to the forum, you can install the update manually. This Android 5.0 update for Note 3 was for  the N900 Exynos Version.

This update appears is to be an early beta version. On the screenshots we see that Samsung has chosen the menus of a white background and that’s remarkable decision, because the color just makes for high energy consumption in combination with the Super AMOLED display.


Even being this update functional, we still see there are a lot of bugs present (According to the forum). One of the biggest bug in this update is facing calling issue, and through this, we can say that this isn’t a beta version and the beta version is yet to come. Developers at XDA forum have additionally been squashed some bugs, so some parts of no longer crash the operating system and Bluetooth works stable.

The official release of the Android Lollipop for Note 3 is still unclear but, it is good to see that the Korean company is working hard in the background to all Lollipop updates.

Here are some more Images that you can have a look at:



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