Firstly, HSN stands for Home Shopping Network. It is a shopping app where we can find gadgets like mobiles, Pc, Tablets, etc. The Purpose of the app is it gives a rating and review of every product uniquely. It also gives a home shopping experience from Television to Tablets.

To check products in this app first we should download the app. We can search it by category or a particular product and can filter by colour, price and brand. Also, we can save the product that you want to shop for later. Also, we can watch 13 plus HSN live channels in the app. Bring the HSN experience to your tablet device and impulse-buy like never before. We can find this HSN app in Google Playstore.

HSN app

 Android App Tablet

Many People own Android Tablets. The design of the tablet is simple. It gets the screen of a Laptop without any added extra weight. Some games work better on a tablet than on a mobile. It gives a gaming experience. Easy to carry and use anywhere. Then mobiles tablets are better devices where some apps work perfectly without any backdrop.

android app tablet
Android Tablet

Some of the Android Tablet apps. They are-

1. Amazon Kindle Android App Tablet:

As the name indicates it is another app from amazon for reading lovers. The app is free of cost and the books in it vary with some prices. We can find millions of books on it. Kindle is an exceptional e-book platform. Using the tablet for reading makes the user feel good with its large screen. Some books are free can download them and read them offline. Google playbooks, Noble nook and Barnes are also good if we have a blue light filter mode on a tablet. For less strain of eyes “Amazon Kindle” is the best app.

Android app tablet
Amazon Kindle

2. Feedly:

The app is all about feeds. It is free of cost also it has the option to buy for $9.99 per month. In this app, we can find news, blogs and sites to explore the feed. It can be used as a replacement for the morning newspaper. We can follow the topics interested in. It is simple to use and can sync between devices. There is also support for Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Few RSS readers do it like Feedly and fewer still apps that control what you see. That makes it one of the best tablet apps for news.


3. AirDroid:

This app manages your phone from other devices and is a powerful app. In this app, we can chat, send any file and take a screenshot. Using the app we can use a tablet to read and answer text messages and move them to the phone and vice-versa. AirDroid includes AirMirror and AirDroid Remote Support. Both apps support all kinds of functionality and the trio are three excellent tablet apps. Pushbullet is another decent app that works the same as previous apps.

android app tablet
Airdroid app for tablet

4. LastPass Android App Tablet:

The app Manages the passwords. It allows you to put sensitive information in it like login credentials. the login details are automatically filled in when we login next time. So, we need not remember any password. To unlock every feature of this app we need to buy it for $12per year. It is the very best app and also one of the must-have android tablet apps.

Last pass app
Last pass app

5. SwiftKey Keyboard:

It is a Keyboard android app. It is free of cost and the themes are free in it. This is also a special keyboard because half of the keyboard goes on either side of the screen and is easy to use. Sometimes while we are typing fingers will not go to the middle so this is one of the features in it. We can set it up in other ways also.

swift key keyboard
swift key keyboard

6. Pulse SMS:

This is the best way to get text messages on the tablet. This app can be installed on both mobile as well as on a tablet. So that we can sync the texts. This is an easy and effective method where we can read text messages other than the phone. It also supports MMS and group SMS. It is free to download but for syncing purpose, we need to pay $0.99 per month or $10 per year.

pulse sms app
pulse SMS app

7. Adobe Apps:

Adobe has a big move in the Android world over the last couple of years. We can edit photos with apps like Photoshop Express, draw stuff like Illustrator Draw, read PDFs with the popular Adobe Reader, and also edit videos along with Premiere Clip. Of course, the flagship app on Android is the venerable Lightroom for editing photography. But they are not as powerful for the desktop or tablet. These apps are best for desktop as well as for tablet.

adobe apps
adobe apps
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