Earlier we were talking about the Nokia 7 Plus which leaked in it’s full glory & will probably get announced with the Nokia 9 & Nokia 8 2018 in the MWC 2018. However, the lowest end Nokia device will probably also get announced with all the other flagships.

The Android Go Powered Nokia 1 May Also Debut Alongside The Flagships In MWC 2018

Image Credits: Evan Blass (on Twitter)

Now, the specifications of this device are definitely going to be super underpowered. We are expecting either 512 Megabytes or 1 Gigabyte of RAM, a low-end Snapdragon or Mediatek CPU, 8 Giagbytes of Internal Storage & a 2250 mAh Battery.

Now, just by looking at the above image we’re assuming that the Nokia 1 will have a 4 inch Display with a resolution of 480P.

But, what is even the meaning of launching a super low-end device in 2018 which closely represents budget devices from 2014 ? Well, this device will come equipped with the newly announced Android Go which is a lighter version of mainstream Android. This will allow the device to be quite usable even with these kind of low end specifications. And, you might get surprised on this one if you don’t know already, the Android Go devices that’ll come out this year, will be straight up on Android 8.1 Oreo or we may call it, Android Oreo Go edition.

The price will be super low of course. We are expecting the Nokia 1 to be priced under $100 but, we can only confirm that after the device gets announced.


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