MAC Address Changer Apps: Are you thinking to change the MAC address of an Android smartphone or tablet? If yes, then you are at the right place. Nowadays, it is very easy to change android MAC address provided that you have a rooted android. In this post, I am going to tell you how to change the MAC address of android with the help of the best 3 Android MAC address changer apps.

Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique network ID of 12 hexadecimal characters. It is assigned by the developer to all devices like android, computers, network adapter, and WiFi devices, etc. MAC address is the main source to identify devices. But some tech geeks use MAC address changer Apps in the android phone to change android mac address.

Disclaimer – Changing MAC address is illegal and we are sharing these methods for education purposes only. So don’t try these methods for an illegal purpose.


Change MAC address of Android – Best MAC Address Changer Apps

There may be countless reasons for which you would like to change/spoof MAC address. For example, somebody blocked MAC address of Android to access router. By changing MAC address, you can easily bypass this MAC filtering. You can use it to stay anonymous so that nobody can track your activity using MAC address in public WiFi.

Note that you cannot permanently change Mac address of android. All tricks mentioned in this tutorial are temporary and for educational purpose only. Also while changing MAC address change only last three sets. Try to not change the first three sets to avoid authentication problems.

How to Check Android MAC Address

Now if you had decided to change the android MAC address, I would recommend noting down the original MAC address. To check the android MAC address, follow the below steps.

  • Open settings and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Then click on the About phone option.
  • Tap on the status and again scroll down to find the MAC address.
  • Hold the MAC address option to copy it to the clipboard and paste it to a safe place.

Best 3 MAC Address Changer Applications

Now I am going to tell you three main methods to change android MAC address. For this, you may need a rooted android device and some apps. So get ready and follow these steps carefully.

1 Using Terminal Emulator App

First of all download and install the terminal emulator app in your android device. This is the best method if you want to use commands for changing MAC address in rooted android.

  • Open the terminal emulator app and type these commands given below. Then hit the enter button.
  • After that, it will ask for permissions for access to the root. Simply grant permission and type the below command.

busybox iplink show eth0

Now it will show a twelve digit hexadecimal address (something like this XX:XX:XX:XX:XX: XX). If you see carefully, you will notice that it is the same address you noted in the first step. Yes, you guessed right, it is the MAC address of your Android device.

  • Now you have to change the same MAC address. So type the below code and hit enter. Remember that YY:YY:YY:YY:YY: YY is your desired MAC address.

busybox ipconfig show eth0 hw YY:YY:YY:YY:YY:YY

  • Now you can confirm whether MAC address changed or not by typing this code.

busybox iplink show eth0

So this was a method to change android MAC address through the terminal emulator app.

2 Using Engineering Mode Without Rooting

(image) If you own MTK android device then it is the best method to change android MAC address without rooting. It is very easy to change the MAC address of Android running on MTK chipset by following these simple steps.

  • You have to download Engineering mode app to open engineering mode on your device.
    Android mac address changer apps - MTK
    Android mac address changer apps – MTK
  • Open the app and launch engineering mode by clicking on MTK settings. Then turn off your WiFi. android-mac-address-changer
  • Now click on connectivity tab and go to WiFi option, and then NVRAM option.
  • Now in Byte String Access section, you will notice three text fields. In the first two text fields enter the values given below.
    • addr(h,byte): 4
    • length(byte): 6 android-mac-address-changer
  • Now click on the read-option. You will notice your original MAC address in the value(h) section.
  • Replace it with the desired MAC address and click on the write button.
  • Done you have successfully changed android MAC address without rooting.

3 Using ChameleMAC App

This is the straightforward method of using a simple app. Just follow the steps.

  • Download and install the chameleMAC app on your android.
  • Open the app and grant it root permissions.
  • Now you will see the current MAC address. Enter desired one or generate randomly by clicking Generate random MAC.
  • Now click on apply new MAC and confirm it.
  • Done!

Last words for MAC Address Changer apps  So this was an easy tutorial on how to change the MAC address of android. Hope it helped you to change your android MAC address. If you feel any difficulty, feel free to ask for comments.


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