The wait is over folks, Google has Announced the name of their next version of Android. This time with no surprise, it’s called Android Oreo.

Android Oreo Is The New Recognition For Android 8 aka Android O


So, frankly speaking guys, I haven’t expected it to be Oreo as this rumor has been there for month. I thought Google will troll us with a different name. But, looks like they have gone with the craze here.

Anyway, I guess you all know about Oreo right ? It’s a kind of Milk & Chocolate Cookie that’s quite famous in almost everywhere. Well, Google also gave a nice teaser video for the Android 8 Oreo. So have a look anyway.

So, is Oreo one of your favorite cookies & most importantly are you exited for Android Oreo ?  Let us know in the comments section right below this article !


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