Android P - OnePlus 3/3T

In forums, I had seen few OnePlus3/3T users, who eager to know if they will get the Android P update. Today, OnePlus makes it official that, all the OnePlus 3/3T users will get the Android P update. This is one of the most unexpected devices to receive the Android P.

With this update, they confirm that there will be a major improvement in Camera & also few security patches. This is quite clear that all the OnePlus 3/3T users will skip the Android 8.1 update and will get the Android P instead.

OnePlus 3/3T will not be the first OnePlus device to get the Android P update. The update will come first to OnePlus 6, 5/5T & then will appear in the 3/3T devices. We all know that Google has finally released their final version of Android P & also the Android P will be out in August.

Being a low hardware, it is quite obvious that the OnePlus 3/3T will not have all the features of the Android P. We could get to know the clear idea of what changes the Android P will get after its release. We might see the Android P update in the late August or early September, but the final confirmation is yet to be done.


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