Android Go Smartphone are doing quite good in the market & we have seen growth in people’s interest for buying this Smartphone. The only reason why is that it get the latest Android Version  so that users have access to all the latest Android features in budget segment smartphones.

Talking about the Latest Update Android Pie, there was no confirmation by when can this be launched as a Go version. Recently Google has confirmed that they will launch the Android P GO by this Fall, which means by September 2018. The spokes person confirmed that the size will be around 500MB. This means that with Android P Go, you will get all the new features like the Android new Map and Assistance on your budget segment smartphone.

There is no confirmation on which all smartphones will release the update first. We might get the update on this anytime soon. We have also heard that the Smartphones with Android P Go will have all the latest features that we could see in any flagship phone.

This also means that the Android One smartphones also have chances to get the Android P on the device by September. We will still wait for the official confirmation on this.


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