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Apex Legends is an exciting game and comes under the Titan Fall universe. It is a Battle Royal game that comes through the Titan Fall developers. I hope you all know about Titan Fall games; they are a very hit franchise and have also created this game. The game’s name is Apex Legends, and the name Legends is given to this game because the characters present are called legends.

 In this game, the map is given to you, and the name of the map is kings kenien. It is a 1.8 kilometer map, and you will have to follow the direction of the map, and also you have to loot your enemies. Here also, some best apex cheats with aimbot are provided for you, which you can check out to win the game. This game is exciting, and in this article, we will guide you to thrive in solo mode. Still, if you play solo, two team members will automatically be added as your teammates. 


Tips for solo players

Hence, if you want to play solo instead of those two members, it will be frustrating, but no worries, here we are providing some tips for solo mode play.

Don’t rely on your teammates.

The first thing you must understand for solo mode is that you do not have to rely on your teammates. There are many ways to play Apex, but some people want to be ranked top and are more severe than others. Except that you will get bad teammates, and they factor this into how you play after getting bad teammates. 

For example, your teammates charge an enemy team and combat three versus one, do not follow them, or, on the flip side. Don’t push the team on your own, and expect that they will follow you. If you approach the game with this thought process, you can put yourself in a safe zone. 

Many of them try to make an aggressive play while playing in solo mode, but their teammates do not react effectively to it, which means what was meant as a bold move to create an opening becomes you running off on your own and dying.

selection of the correct characters

While all the legends or characters are influential, some of them involve more team coordination than others. It is already a challenging task to coordinate with your teammates while playing in solo mode. Some characters could be more decisive with coordinated teamplay. 

For example Crypto, He is an influential legend when used in a specific situation. His ultimate emp ability can be used to push the team, and his drone provides excellent information. It’s hard to coordinate with teammates in solo mode; for example, they may not push the utilization of your emp and may they don’t protect you when you are sat in the drone.

 Crypto is a character that can affect other legends. If your team members do something which is not an intelligent move, then you will be left as a weak legend for solo play mode. So, selecting the exemplary character is crucial for solo play mode. 

You can survive by selecting the legends who are good at escaping. Avoiding tanking 48-60rp will help you move in the right direction and keep you from staying in sticky situations. Legends like Pathfinder, horizon, wraith, and Octane are well suited to this situation. We recommend Bangalore for solo play mode to win the combat. 

Lead your team

You will have to lead your team excellently, so you must be confident in making your decisions for rotations and communication. In solo-play mode team being the clear leader and giving instructions can help your team to stay together and win the combat. You will have to make extra awareness of your decisions to be a better player. 

You are also provided a ping wheel in-game. Using the options in the ping wheel can help your random teammates to understand your instructions. You can also request ammo attachments to inform your team about the ultimate ability. 


In conclusion, these tips have been provided for your convenience. By using these tips, you can win the battle against your enemies. This article will significantly help you in thriving solo-play mode in apex legends. So, if you are still searching for tips to start the solo play mode, you can stop your search and begin the adventure of royal battle. 

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