Everyone likes emojis even if they were born in the 80’s, ’90s or 2000’s. Because it is the best way to express their feelings with family, friends, and others on different social platforms. Animoji is also known as animated emoji which is designed by apple for Apple iPhone X. People who get their phone in their hands for hours will get lots of entertainment from these apps. So here some of the Apps to get Memoji/Animoji on Android for Free


What is Memoji?

Memoji is Apple iPhone functionality that helps you to create your emoji-based upon your looks. You can create your likeness from various categories like Eyes, Ears, and Hairstyle, etc. This isn’t possible to get the exact Memoji app with the same features for android. But here are some apps that get you close.


Face Cam | Face Emoji Avatar 


Face cam doesn’t scan your face to create your emoji, you can create your emoji from scratch by using different categories like Hairstyle, Skin tone, Eyes etc.. to express yourself. FaceCam is your personal 3D Avatar maker.

Mirror: emoji meme maker, face app avatar stickers


The mirror is one of the best emoji apps to create animated emojis on your android devices. Here is a great collection to create new animated emojis. By using this app you create a personalized emoji keyboard for your Android phone. With one picture mirror can create a big avatar that almost looks like a real person.



Bitmoji is used to create your personal cartoon avatar which seems to be like you. It is easy to use and it has a lot of features to create emojis. Here you find the huge library of stickers. Mostly Bitmoji is used for Snapchat to create cartoon emojis of you. It directly integrates with Snapchat.

VideoMoji : Make Animoji Avatar


This app is best for animated emojis. Here the characters have simplistic but catchy graphics and added animations. Here you find animated images of animals like Monkey, Panda, etc., and also if you are a foodie you find hamburgers, peaches, and other delish characters.

With VideoMoji you are now able to:

– Bring life to any AR moji

– Communicate as a 3D panda or tiger

– Record funny videos

– Share with friends via any messenger

– Be creative in everyday communication!


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