Best Cases for iPhone 13

As we know, Apple launches new products almost every six months with something new that astonishes the users every time. It is that time again when Apple has blessed us with its latest creations that are ready for you to purchase in order to improve your life immediately. Various new products include the new iPad mini, new regular iPad, apple watches, and iPhone 13. Of course, the iPhone 13 has got the best new features.

iPhone 13 got a couple of improvements to its display. First, it is now brighter, going from a typical brightness of 625 nits to a maximum brightness of 800 nits when you are outside. Second, Apple has doubled the storage across the board for iPhone 13. Third, Apple has improved the performance of the iPhone 13. Compared to the iPhone 12, it went from a 9261 to a 10676 on a metal graphics score. Apple has also upgraded from optical image stabilization to sensor-shift stabilization, resulting in crisper images when shooting with that wide-angle lens. Considering these fantastic features, the iPhone 13 is a beast of a phone that is worth protecting. Indeed you must have bought the iPhone 13 with great excitement, and you wouldn’t want any damage to happen to it. Since your adorned device is furnished with a beautiful screen, superb cameras, and a delicate body, it needs strong sheathing to protect your precious iPhone 13. 

Even though you may find iPhone 13 similar to iPhone 12 while giving it a glance from far, the two phone models have enough physical differences to make you unable to use your old iPhone 12 case for iPhone 13. Therefore, ensure that your iPhone is covered with the correct case size, be it iPhone 13 or iPhone Mini, or 13 Pro Max.

Below are some suggestions to get the proper case for your iPhone 13 to save you from the trouble of going through trial and error to find the befitting case. The list includes various styles, from slimmer to protective case models, full-screen protection, and other nifty features like a built-in kickstand or wallet. 


Speck Cases

Speck has tried to adopt many of the designs of the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 13. It provides the popular transparent models such as Presidio Perfect-Clear and Perfect-Clear with Grips, including the Presidio 2 Pro. You would be able to buy Speck’s grip case with built-in MagSafe cases for about $10. Speck’s new case models have good drop protection that can cover around 13 to 16 feet. Also, another feature of Speck’s Microban is antimicrobial protection. You have an advantage if you are a first-time buyer as Speck offers specific discounts on all its models for first-time customers.

And you are right if you think the above Speck cases are expensive. But Speck has also got some inexpensive case models in their latest collection. You can find these kinds of Gemshell translucent cases that Speck sells for the iPhone 13. However, you won’t be able to get the MagSafe feature with it. 

Cyrill Cases

Even though cases by Cyrill are slightly more expensive, considering its stylish designs, paying a few more bucks seems worth it. Its elegant and dazzling design is eye-catching and is made from fine materials. Cyrill has many case models, including the Leather Brick case, Silicone case and transparent Cecile case that are all good and cost from $17 to $20. And if you are ready to spend a little more money, you can buy Cyrill’s MagSafe cases. There is an alternate option for you to get an inexpensive clear Magsafe case from Cyrill’s sister brand Spigen. Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Mag gives you a MagSafe feature at a good value of around $20. You can also find a non-Mag version of the iPhone 13 case in Spigen for about $15. However, it is observed that Spigen Mag Armor sticks better than Ultra Hybrid Mag. Talking about stellar iPhone 13 cases, Caseface presents a dedicated range of cases for iPhone 13. You can easily find all the varieties of cases that we discussed in this blog. 

Spigen’s transparent cases also offer reasonably enough protection. However, if you wish to have a tough case with stronger protection, then we would like to recommend the Spigen Tough Armour Case, which includes a kickstand and can cost you around $17. Spigen also gives you a choice of Spigen Ultra Hybrid cases, among which the Ultra Hybrid S, which has an integrated kickstand, is highly preferred. 

OtterBox Symmetry Series Plus

OtterBox is famously known for its super protective Defender series case, but due to its bulky nature, its demand is decreasing nowadays. Therefore, Otterbox has a new collection of cases known as the Symmetry series that is slim with bevelled edges, making it a good combination of sleek and protective. It has a raised bumper that helps act as a screen protector. Otterbox provides you with multiple colour options, and its Symmetry Plus Pop case integrates a PopSockets PopGrip and is wireless charging compatible. One of the good points about this is that the Symmetry series Plus case also has a MagSafe version which costs as minimum as $10 and above.

OtterBox also has a Commuter case which is pretty slim and offers a raised bezel protection that has grips on the back. This model also comes in a MagSafe version for about $10 or more.

Snakehive Metro Leather

Snakehive’s Metro Leather case provides you with everything you need or want for your iPhone 13 case. It has got a nice grip with an integrated kickstand and a classy look that attracts the eyes. It is a leather-backed case with MagSafe compatibility.

Other iPhone cases

Moft Case, Stand and Wallet Set

If you are looking for a MagSafe case with a MagSafe wallet that converts into a stand, then this might be a pretty good option for you. I can serve as a nice case along with a good MagSafe wallet or stand accessory that can store up to three credit cards.

Moshi iPhone cases

Moshi provides varieties of cases for all the models of the iPhone 13. The Altra is the most well-defined and has a geometric rubber finish that gives your phone a refined look and is also grippy. It also provides a detachable lanyard.

LifeProof See MagSafe

LifeProof See is an excellent Magsafe case with a slightly cleaner look than OtterBox”s Symmetry series. LifeProof is also available without MagSafe for a lower price and can withstand drops up to 6.6 feet.


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