Have you bought an iPhone 14 Plus recently? Now imagine it being dropped accidentally by you. Oops! There goes all your shiny picture perfect iPhone. This was just an imagination but what if this happens in real life? Obviously, you won’t want that, would you? One of the most important accessories you can probably buy for an iPhone 14 Plus is a phone case. There are loads of options out there to choose from to protect your precious little thing from dents, scratches, and cracks. Since you’ve opted for a premium segment phone it demands for some quality cases to compliment its aura. Below are some of the best iPhone 14 plus cases lined up for you after testing them.

iPhone 14 Plus

1. Official Apple Leather and Silicone MagSafe Case

If you wanna go all APPLE, then you should get Official Apple leather and silicone Magsafe cases. One of the best things about this one is that it fits well on the device. They are fairly attractive and have the MagSafe built into the case. They also feel nice to the touch. Apple Leather and Silicone cases give a luxurious and classy vibe as well. Talking about the physical capabilities of the cases, it has its edges raised around the corner that protects the phone very well while hitting the ground. The only thing that is disappointing about the leather cases is that they tend to wear around the edges quite quickly, almost fraying or tearing.

2. Spigen cases

Now if you are looking for something close to official Apple silicone but cheaper, then we have got Spigen cases on the list. Spigen cases give you a lot of choices that will pretty much fit any need you have got. They have an ultra-thin case which is called the Liquid. These are slim and look have got a fine look with a textured pattern on the back. There are also rugged cases like Spigen’s armour range which have different styles and features too. Some of them have a stand built in for propping up on your table while others are thicker and more protective for your iPhone. The padding on the corners provides a tad more protection to the iPhone 14 Plus.

3. Catalyst Influence Case

Catalyst is on the best iPhone 14 Plus cases list because of three things. One, it has got the rotating mute switch for you. Two, it has got a good finish at the edges and feels good to touch. Three, the side buttons on the case float, giving the feeling like your iPhone is not in the case. The catalyst influence also has the sound enhancing feature that focuses the sound forward which makes it seem louder but it kind of changes the fullness of the sound coming from the iPhone. Catalyst cases also come with a wrist strap so it decreases the chances of dropping your iPhone 14 Plus. Also, their cases come with MagSafe now as well.

Catalyst Influence Case


When it comes to clear protective cases, nothing beats CASETiFY ultra impact. The standard feature with these cases are gigantic corners that are so resistant and its triple-layered ultra impact is going to handle any sort of terrible drop for the iPhone 14 Plus. Its accessibility with the iPhone is also top notch and its edges are tapered along the center, minimizing the edge of the case that you won’t even notice. Also, the edge of this case is incredibly grippy but not sticky and the back lip at the bottom of the case is raised so whatever print you get doesn’t slide on a flat surface, instead, the case slides so it preserves the design. Talking about designs, CASTiFY has got so many options for designs with a customized monogram. 

5. Mous Limitless 5.0

Mouse Limitless 5.0 now comes with floating buttons, unlike its previous versions. It also has got grip strips designed with such an angle that it makes the chances of weakening your grip on the iPhone almost to none. ML 5.0 provides rigidity with polycarbonate back and shock absorption with TPU edges. It has oversized corners for drop protection guided by the tapered edges along the middle of the iPhone which just enhances the accessibility of the iPhone. The case has microfibre lining on the inside of the case and also a wrist wrap area.

6. MagBak Case

MagBak cases are one that provides something of everything. It has a great silicone finish and is a better protective case because of the oversized corners along with a set of Mag strips. The case also gives a wallet that has a high card carrying capacity and also functions as a phone grip. Additionally, these cases have got another set of magnets, so the wallet acts as a stand-in for both portrait and landscape mode. Also, if you are ready to spend a little more on the MagSafe charger attachment, then MagBak also sells one of the fastest MagSafe car chargers if you mount the mag strips in your car.

Other iPhone cases

Some of the other popular and affordable iPhone cases you can consider could be Rhinoshield SolidSuit, Caudabe Sheath, or Phone Rebel and dbrand. Like dbrand’s cases are suggested here because of the accessibility it gives your iPhone. The tapered edges are nice and the buttons work well. It can customize the back of the case with a layer and the grip on its edges is just perfect. However, this case won’t be much protective as the corners start to split after a few drops. Moreover, Phone Rebel cases are famous for providing the best at the most appropriate prices. Their well-built case includes a full-screen protector with a tapered edge and has got a round finish at the corners. The Phone Rebel case has a unique-looking design that gives off a classy look at an affordable price.


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