Nowadays every car is pre-installed with FM, but 10 to 15 years ago there were so many cars without FM. Many of us don’t like to spend a lot of money to change the car audio desk, we simply love to keep the old car’s desk vintage look. But we still play music in our car by transmitting radio stations from our smartphones to the car music system. Here you can find the details about the best FM Transmitter App for Android.


Can I use my Android Phone as an FM transmitter?

Yes, you can use your Android Phone as an FM transmitter. Many old cars don’t have any Bluetooth connectivity or AUX port to connect your Phone. There are some FM transmitter apps

Which are used to turn your phone as a broadcasting device to play music in a car audio system. So here you get the information about  Best FM Transmitter App for Android to listen to Music from smartphones to Old Car Stereo.




TuneIn is one of the best FM transmitters for Android phones. It lets you listen to all kinds of News, Music, Live Sports, and Podcasts.TuneIn is the largest radio service, it has almost 1lakh radio stations in over 97 countries. So search here for your local stations and tune in to your favorite FM radio.



iHeartRadio is a Music application that allows you to listen to different radio stations directly on your android phones. This is the most popular radio station app used by millions of users throughout the world with unlimited access to music and radio stations. Finding the local stations in this app is very easy. In this, you can create personalized music stations with playlists and artists. In this app, users can listen to music and podcast episodes by downloading.



RadioFM is also a popular radio app for android smartphones that helps radio stations through the internet. This is the only app that gives the true radio experience. In this, you can find the radio station based on the location, once you find the radio station you can add it to your favorites for easy access in the future.


  •  Easy to use and simple radio interface
  •  Enjoy your favorite radio without wireless headphones.
  • Modern design to display the stations listing
  • Countries list with the flag of the country
  • Fast access to Radio 




Tunelink is one of the popular Wireless Bluetooth, which allows you to use FM in your car using your smartphone as a broadcasting device. To use this application you must have Tunelink Hardware Accessory. Tunelink is the most advanced in-car audio interface that provides wireless between android phone and your car sound system.


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