VPN for windows are privately accessed fast and secure global internet encryption. The network solution just manages to tick all the boxes and serves the highest graded encryption protocols, high bulk speed data transfer, and is the official unblock of geographic limitations.

VPN for Windows


Benefits of VPN- 

Free unblocked content:

The geographic blocking is skillfully battled against by the iTop VPN for Windows. One can easily access the various services that your country has been refrained from accessing. 

The most striking feature is that one can connect to various platforms ranging from streaming video vendors ( Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5) to famous game brands( PUBG, Roblox) from chat tools ( WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike) to social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). 

Highly encrypted:

The iTop free VPN secures your data highly when it’s surfing across the internet. It makes sure that it doesn’t get intercepted by ISP, Government, and any other third-party advertisers. 

The encryption tunnel built for you makes use of the protocols that the top-class VPNs are currently using. This means that it will be more secure than ever to connect to online banking on public Wi-Fi. The encryption provided to you will be robust and tightly secured from now on.

Lightning-fast speed:

The highly secured channels made for you don’t stagger your connectivity speed. The network speed served to you will be unlimited and what’s even more surprising is that your PC speed will be so adjusted that it will be able to surpass its original speed when you connect it to iTop VPN. The blazing fast speed is large enough to allow the streaming of SD, HD, and ultra HD quality of videos and that too on any and every video vendor platform.

World wide connection:

You are just one click away to connect your device to the networks or servers on a global level. I top VPN has been able to so far provide the users with more than 1800 highly trusted and reliable services established in every corner of the world. If you are facing any issue choosing the best server, iTop VPN I will assist you by automatically picking the highest quality server for you. 

Enormous bandwidth: 

iTop VPN even manages to dodge the influence of IPS staggering, unintentional slowed speed that is imposed by your internet provider. This VPN for windows enables your network connection to never slow down. VPN makes it possible to increase the network speed per time square for the top VPN users. 

Browser privacy & Kill Switch:

The iTop VPN even cleans up the traces of the users automatically on the internet. The browsers such as Chrome Firefox edge Safari IE and Waterfox. The kill switch function protects the user from the sudden switch-off of the VPN connection. In such a case of emergency, iTop VPN will instantly shut the tunnels so that once data is still under the influence of encryption until the connection is back from recovery.


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