Best Poker Games

Many people see poker apps as platforms exclusively for serious players. But you don’t have to be a pro gamer to enjoy them. In fact, most of these apps focus in part on providing a smooth introduction and providing easy ways to enjoy the games. The results are truly engaging apps that will help you improve your skills, and slowly immerse yourself in the exciting world of poker.

Here are some of the bests.

Texas Hold’em Scatter Poker

In poker, players bet on the possibility of coming up with the best hand. In traditional games, each player receives a full hand of cards, but in Texas Hold’em, widely viewed as the most popular variety of poker, players are only given two. They then complete their hands through shared communal cards that are gradually revealed by the dealer.

Texas Hold’em Scatter Poker introduces players to this popular variety by using a friendly interface and animation style, as well as a fantasy setting. The game is designed to help newcomers become familiar with the rules of the Hold’em, while also providing a story that keeps them engaged.

Governor of Poker 3

Governor of Poker uses a setting that calls back to poker’s history by placing the player in the Wild West. As with the previous app mentioned (and the majority of mobile poker games), the primary poker variant at hand is Texas Hold’em –– but this app can also teach you how to play blackjack in a competitive but fun environment. Additionally, the game incorporates popular mobile game mechanics like being able to unlock different areas and earn badges.

Governor of Poker 3 also provides a great variety of customization options, allowing players to personalize their character avatars with all kinds of fun options. It’s a must-have for those who just want a fun way to immerse themselves in card games (or who love a cartoonish Wild West setting!).

Poker Offline

This is a full-fledged, multi-faceted poker app that offers a range of varieties of the game (and, like Governor of Poker 3, also incorporates blackjack). Sit-N-Go tournaments, which only start once a predetermined number of people have signed up, are the main focus in online play. They provide a sort of assurance that enough people will be present in live play to make a game worthwhile (whereas in some apps you can enter a game only to find that there aren’t active opponents).

But the main perk of Poker Offline is in the name. This app provides extremely engaging play against AI opponents for when you’re offline, which many find makes for good, low-pressure practice.

World Series Of Poker

Once you feel confident enough, you can start playing against players from around the world in a more serious environment. The WSOP app enables you to jump in with a massive community of online players –– which makes things competitive but also gives you ample opportunity to settle into games and tables that match your level.

WSOP also allows players to start participating in games through the use of free chips. These are distributed among the players every couple of minutes –– some of the fastest rates in poker games. This makes it easy to play even in competitive games as long or as often as you’d like.


Poker apps have evolved considerably in the last few years, perhaps to keep pace with a mobile gaming industry that is always growing. This has resulted in both new games emerging and old games improving. As of now though, if you’re looking to play some poker on your Android device, the games above are some of the best!


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