Are you in search of the best spy app for android devices? We have got the most worthy spyware app for android mobile phones and tablets after reviewing the top-notch mobile phone monitoring and spy solutions. TheOneSpy is found to be the best spyware for android devices owing to its advanced features and affordability.

The app offers hundreds of powerful features letting users monitor and operate an android phone without access. The spyware comes with a web portal through which a mobile phone can be operated and tracked remaining anywhere in the world. Read on to know more about the best android spyware app of the year 2021.

TheOneSpy Android Spyware App 2021

If you are trying to monitor the digital activities of your children or workers without any inconvenience, TheOneSpy is a great option for you. It is a user-friendly monitoring program that helps monitor almost every online and offline activity of the target. The non-tech savvy parents and employers can easily take advantage of the spyware software. The usefulness of spy software is undeniable because it enables parents to protect their kids from the potential dangers of digital devices and the real world as well. Employers can protect their business by monitoring workers’ performance and keeping them from unproductive acts and wrongdoings.

How to Get Android Spyware App

The phone that you want to track is needed to be installed with the android spyware app. If you are sure that your device is compatible with the TheOneSpy android monitoring solution, subscribe to the app. Download and install the app on the mobile phone following the user-friendly installation process. The website of TheOneSpy offers video tutorials explaining how the android spy app can be installed on a mobile phone. Activate the monitoring solution and start tracking the targeted phone without having access.

Core Features of Spyware for Android

The Android monitoring app offers scores of innovative spying features enabling users to keep track of activities performed on and around an android device. We have discussed here the most prominent features of spyware. Check it out!

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Monitor Social Media

The surveillance app enables the end-user to supervise use of social media apps. The advanced monitoring solution tracks Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many widely used social and instant messengers. The monitoring program allows tracking messages, calls, media files, friend lists, follower lists, and more.

Monitor Phone Screen

The spyware for android lets the user see whatsoever appears on the phone screen. The app offers screenshots and screen recordings to witness and capture phone screen. It allows user to see what the target is seeing, typing, talking or searching on the monitored phone.

Monitor Surroundings

The spyware app lets you know what is happening in the surroundings of the monitored phone. You can turn on the camera of the targeted Android phone by sending the remote command. By turning on front and back camera, you can either take photos or make videos to capture the surrounding events. Also, you can listen to the surrounding sounds by turning on microphone of the monitored device.

SMS Tracker

The messages stored in the inbox and outbox of the monitored android phone can be read right from the web portal of the spyware software. 

Call Recorder

The spyware for android records incoming and outgoing phone calls. The end-user can access recorded calls right from the web portal. Also, the call logs can be accessed to get contact numbers of callers and recipients. The incoming calls from unwanted contacts can be blocked without accessing phone. 

Compatible Devices

The android tracking solution of TheOneSpy is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets running latest versions of android operating system. It includes both rooted and unrooted android mobile phone devices. The software supports Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Haier, HTC and many other popular android brands except TCL devices.


Best Spyware for Android 2019
Best Spyware for Android 2019

The subscription of the android monitoring software is between $18 and $45 a month. This price gap is due to the package plans. The lite package offering conventional spying features costs $18 a month and the premier package offering maximum and high-tech features costs $45 a month. However, these prices are subject to change. Click here to check out latest prices and discounts on android monitoring software. 

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