Have you lost your nails, rings, ear studs, or keys at your home, you want to search them by using your smartphone, then you must have to install a Stud Finder app on your smartphone. Stud Finder app is mostly used to find metal items. In the market, there are many metal detector tools but they are very costly, so it’s better to install the Stud Finder app on your smartphone which is free. Here you get the information about the best Stud Finder apps and Metal Detectors for Android and IOS.


Stud Detector


Stud Detector is one of the best metal detectors to find metal objects for android users. It helps you to find metal farming studs, rings, and nails. By using the magnetic sensor of your phone you can find these metallic objects on walls.



  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 3 distinct feedback levels
  • Visual indication of feedback
  • Displays magnetic field magnitude
  • Configurable screen orientation
  • Optional vibration feedback
  • Optional audio feedback
  • Optional wake lock
  • Optional left-handed mode


Real metal detector with sound


This app is a pocket stud finder app for android users. It detects the metal which surrounds you by using a magnetic sensor. This app helps you to increase the magnetic strength of your phone. The accuracy of this app depends on the magnetic strength of your phone and it is mostly affected by electrical equipment due to electromagnetic waves.



  • Alarm activation when magnetic field crosses a limit
  • Very easy to use.
  • Best sensor and indicator sound view
  • Works conjointly through walls! Notice hidden electrical wires and metals.
  • Make cool graphical charts of flux intensity


Wall Stud Finder:

Are you using iPhone, then Wall Stud Finder app is the best app to find the metal studs which are hidden under drywall, plasterboard. But this not free to download you have to pay to use this app. It has an automatic sensor, so you get a notification when there are any metal studs in your area.



  •  Automatic sensor check
  •  Active detection button
  •  Stability indicator (Green LED)
  •  3 detection level indicators (Red LEDs)
  •  10 sensitivity levels (for various drywall thicknesses)
  •  Toggle-able detection beeper
  •  Easy to follow, in-app DIY instruction



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