Best Widgets for Android

Best Widgets for Android

Widgets have been around for quite a while. It used to be one of the highlights that improved Android than iOS. Nowadays, our dependence on widgets has waned. Between better-planned applications, easy and quick settings, Android apps shortcuts or alternate ways, all the more powerful notifications, and always on shows, there aren’t too many reasons to have them.

Google Maps 

Google Maps also packs two or three really useful widgets that can prove to be useful when need to search for direction quickly. The Google Maps widgets are basically alternate routes that you can customize and place on the home screen, allowing you to right away check the direction, traffic, and driving mode for preset objections. The application even has widgets that allow you to quickly share your location with friends & family and ask a friend to share their location with you. 

Plug-In Music Widget

Having music playback controls directly on your home screen is truly advantageous, and keeping in mind that your music application of decision may well have its very own widget, the Material Music widget is definitely worth a look as well. It works flawlessly with Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and the sky is the limit from there, and on the off chance that you pay the premium fee, you can switch between them from the actual gadget.

Calendar Widget

Google calendar has a functional widget of its own, however we such as the look of Calendar Widget much more. It brings with it an attractive, subtly trendy style that you can customize in all kinds of ways, as well as it does not dominate the screen like a lot of other calendar widgets can. With the right combination of text, color accents, and widget size, you can together something that fits in perfectly with the rest of your home screen.

Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Your home screen will not be a complete one without a climate and clock widget. If you believe you change the home screen with the best-looking Android clock widget with weather reports, then I have something for you. It is Weather and Clock Widget for Android, a popular, fully flagged widget. This widget will constantly allow you to customize a lot of the alternatives it consists of. You can choose the widget design from a collection. Also, it is possible to transform the color as well as the size of it. Seems interesting, right? It has much more impressive features also.

Google Keep

We have actually sung the praises of Google Keep before. It’s not an extensive note-taking app, yet rather a quick method to writing ideas, lists, pictures, and also audio. Google Keep is even quicker when you install the widget on your home screen, as it includes shortcuts to your latest notes as well as buttons for creating new ones.

Slider Widget – Volumes

You may think that pressing your phone’s volume button down makes every little thing quieter, but then you start playing a video clip as well as for some reason, it’s blaring. That’s because various features on Android phones each have their very own individual volumes, as well as you can not normally control them at one time without going into the settings menu. Slider Widget gives you greater control over all your quantities right from the display, and it throws in brightness adjustment for good measure.

UCCW Widget – Ultimate Custom Widget

Ultimate Custom Widget is praised as one of the best widget maker applications in addition to KWGT. It wouldn’t be called the ultimate custom widget-maker for nothing, right? With it, you can openly create widgets at will due to the fact that it has massive editing and enhancing toolbox for you to make use of.

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