Bitlife Twitter
Bitlife Twitter

How to Use Social Media in BitLife:

Social Media means that the tools used by people to create or share their career interests, thoughts, pictures, videos with others. There are several social media tools available in the market today we choose any one of them depending upon the feature of the tool and how much that tool is useful to us. In social media, people will interact with others to communicate or share their feelings. Even in the working environment also to communicate with other colleagues also we use some social media networks.

Social media apps and networks used from common to corporate people. But depending upon their work they use different social media tools. 3 or 4 decades ago to communicate with others we meet people directly or write letters to customers for their residing addresses through the postal department. In the earlier days of the telephone, we book a trunk call to talk with others with the telephone department. The telephone department asks the person to whom we talk and his telephone number and the person’s name. Then telephone department checks whether the asking telephone line is traffic-free or not.

If the line is free the department connects the line. After the invention of the computer, email is developed to communicate with others. In the early days of email, we only send text messages to others only. After some research, they will introduce the attachments like text documents, pictures also along with text messages in the email. Several email providers like Yahoo,  Rediff,  Google offered email services to the customer. In the early days to see or send the email, we require one computer. All the people don’t have computers at that time. For text messages some years we use the pagers to communicate with others. Pagers mostly used by marketing people to communicate with their colleagues. Even the same company employees working in different locations also use the pagers for communication.

Mobile Applications

After the invention of Mobiles, in the earlier days, we use mobiles to talk with others only. In the early days of mobiles most of the mobile companies like Nokia, Motorola, Sony introduced keypad mobiles only. Internet is costly earlier. Nowadays most of the people using the internet so companies also offered internet at lower prices.

After the keypad mobiles, companies introduced touch mobiles in the market. Touch mobiles don’t have a keypad on the outside of mobile. By using touch we get the all applications in the touch mobile. Keypad also we get using touch. The Internet is cheap and nowadays all companies are introducing social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin account, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc..for different apps and different purposes.


BitLife organization is delivering the most recent highlights that will accessible in online media outlets. The gamers will have the alternative to play a few most recent things in the game. The gamer will go around online media and their essence on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. You get going BitLife in an arbitrary country with a couple of guardians entrusted with raising you. As a newborn child, you can scarcely collaborate with the world, with your lone alternative is going to the specialist. As you age, the world begins to open up. At age four, you can begin investing energy with your folks or asking them for cash. At age six, you head off to grade school.


Bitlife Twitter
Bitlife Twitter

Facebook is one of the social media developed by Mark Zuckerberg. The company is located in California, USA. Once you register with Facebook as a user you need to create a profile that tells the information about yourself.  After registering you can send text, pictures, and multimedia to share with other people who have accepted as friends by you. and next continue to use Facebook & interact with every like friends, family, etc…


Twitter is one of the microblogging and social networking social media located in the USA. Using Twitter send and communicate with others called “tweets“.Only authorized users of Twitter can only post, like, and retweet tweets. and so many celebrities are maintenances their Bitlife Twitter if any information passes through Twitter to connect the fans and followers.


Instagram is utilized thus, numerous people groups and superstars additionally, who are on Instagram to share photographs and recordings day by day. This organization is possessed by Facebook. This application is utilized for clients to send recordings that are editable for certain channels and gathered by hashtags and topographical labels. Clients can share their photographs, recordings openly with anyone or for certain clients by giving limitations. and post the photos and videos any this there is an option to remove the Instagram posts.

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