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Everybody makes mistakes, including app developers with years of experience in building mobile apps. As the mobile app development process is quite complex and challenging, there is a lot of room for mistakes that might affect the entire app’s success. That said, some of the app developer’s mistakes can be more harmful than others. It can even cost your company so much money or time that your business cannot recover from it. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t develop that app you’ve been thinking about for a while now, it just means you have to be careful when working on it. If 88% of mobile time is spent on apps, it’s easy to conclude that there is an incredible potential for you to find your target audience and delight them with another incredible application.

The best way to do something better than the others is to learn from their mistakes. This is why we bring you a list of the most common mistakes made by mobile app developers to inspire you to create the best mobile app that will impress your customers and position you as the leader of your industry.

1. Skipping Research

People are impatient by nature, however, processes like app development cannot be rushed. If rushed, the outcome will not be what you expected it to be. One of the things that most business owners and app developers often skip in their app development process is research. Taking the time to decide about iOS development vs Android development for your upcoming app will save you a lot of frustration down the road. 

The tool you choose to create your app with can either make or break your project’s success, so be sure to take your time and explore your options. You can develop your app in various ways, from coding on your own or using an app creator to hiring an agency or working with a freelancer. 

2. Poor Budget Management

Not being aware of how much money you will need to develop your app is another mistake that often occurs when building a mobile app. Not only are developers clueless about how much money they have at their disposal to build the app, but they will also go over the budget, causing unexpected costs and failure to plan for all relevant project components. 

You will need to have at least a rough idea about the costs of your application. It might change over the period of development, however, you will have a budget prepared that doesn’t affect other aspects of your business. 

3. Not Creating an MVP

Jumping into the final build is yet another mistake we’ve seen many mobile app developers make. A minimum viable product or MVP for short helps both developers and business owners test the app and see how well it is performing. During all MVP development stages, the app should consist only of essential features to be sure you’re on the right track. Later, once you’ve nailed the MVP, you can start adding additional features which improve the value of your app and make you the best choice on the market. 

4. Low-Quality UI/UX Build

You can get so easily lost in the development and forget about the way to use the app. However, neglecting the user interface of your app can lead to your customers abandoning the app right away after its installation. Your app must be simple, but engaging for your customers. It is the most common reason why people uninstall apps from their smartphones, and you don’t want that. Did you know that 90% of users stopped using a mobile app due to poor performance?

That is why you need to ensure your app has simple navigation, a home menu that can easily be used from any screen, and a function section. Also, make sure you’re not too creative with your UI because it can lead to the same outcome.

5. Not Testing

You’ve worked so hard on your app, but you haven’t actually tested it? Testing is what allows both Android application developers and iOS ones to spot areas that need to be improved and elements that need to be replaced. Make sure you don’t wait until the final phase to test your app because it will cost too much time and money to go back and change things. 

Instead, test your app throughout the entire development process to spot the loose areas that can be enhanced and solve them right away. This will also change the way your approach the next steps of your development process and ensure you’re constantly on the right track. 

In Final Words

Developing a mobile app is not easy, but it is incredibly fulfilling when you see your app in the store and customers enjoying it. Regardless of choosing to do a multiple or cross platform apps development, make sure your app represents you well. Don’t rush into marketing something that is still not quite done and lacks a few more elements to be perfect. 

Take your time and enjoy the creativity and unknown of this process. The fulfillment you’ll feel once you have created the app you wanted will be your best award. After all, we’ll be seeing more mobile apps in the near future, so why not make the most of it by creating another one?


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