Community Feed Inside Google Maps

Google always keeps updating new features in all its google play services. Every modern update gives more comfort to the customers in accessing the functions. This time the Community feed is added in Google maps for providing in-depth details of nearby stores and places. Users can directly view the latest happening in nearby locations and comment below posts the same as social messaging apps. Here, you can find the details about Android & iOS Users can now check the community feed inside google maps.


  • Users can find all similar posts related to each of the places in a staggered manner.
  • Business people can easily connect with their customers.
  • It will display suggestions based on the interest of the customers.

How to use the community feed feature:

  • Click here to Update google maps if you are using an old version. Moreover, you can refer to Chad Kimball maps for a detailed guide.
  • Open the app and click on the explore tab present on the below-left corner of Google maps.
  • It will display all the latest happening in the city based on categories.
  • Users have to look into any of the desired options to get all the happenings around restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, historic places, etc.

Features of Community Feed:

People can explore the following features to find the latest manifestations on google maps:

  • Latest on the area: The option will display all the latest pics uploaded in the city, mostly viewed among the users. Posts on the community tab will rank based on the time of upload and engagement.
  • Review details: Below the profile of every person, Google will also show details of the users’ total reviews in different places.
  • Share and like: A default like and share option will be displayed below the post of each uploaded picture. Other google users coming to the page after searching for the store can like and share the post link in their feed.
  • Category of places: All the recommended places like takeout, restaurant, cafe, parks, etc., are present to view. Any user uploading pics on this area will get uploaded on the explore section. New users can follow the uploads to see regular updates related to any place. It is the same as using social accounts.
  • Report a problem: This feature allows the user to report on any unusual content violating the policy. Google will look into the reported problem and take action according to their guidelines.

Benefits of Community feeds:

  • Users can now get in-depth details of each location by looking into the reviews of customers.
  • Google automatically detects the location and asks the user to upload pics of the visited restaurant.
  • Google users can write reviews for each shop and visit the place nearby.
  • Businesspersons can now follow all the reviewed customers and send them updates related to the business.
  • Users can give ratings to each of the places’ displayed images from one star to five stars.

Bottom line:

The quality of features is responsible for increasing the engagement of apps. The community feed helps to give a more chasm experience to the users in knowing about the places. It provides an excellent opportunity for a local business person to interact with all customers. They can easily filter and save each of the visited users’ data and send them new offers to boost the services.


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