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Instagram stories are a must-do for any business that are operating online. If you really want to appear more on your followers’ feed, then don’t forget to post at least one story a day. There are several apps you can use to create some of the best, most stylish Instagram stories. 

Best Apps To Create Amazing Instagram Stories

We have listed down a few apps that you can use, but to use them with their full potential, you need to equip yourself with the best internet such as Spectrum. Just call Spectrum phone number and you can get the best deal for your usage. 

Here are some apps that you can take advantage of: 


Canva is perhaps the most detailed and advanced app you will come across. It is best known for its graphic designing capabilities that allow beginners and non-designers to create some of the best designs without needing much expertise. Canva has a free as well as a paid version, so you can choose whether or not you need to unlock advanced features. With Canva free and paid version, you get the following features:

  • Pre-made Instagram story template

You get a bunch of templates that are already optimized for Instagram stories. You only need to make basic edits, personalize it with your own images and texts and it’s all set to go. Not only this, but you will also find templates for letters, Facebook stories, Instagram posts, and much more. 

  • Stock Images

There are a million of stock images as well as background images you can use in your designs. You don’t need to get photographs yourself and there won’t be any copyright issues either. There are also stickers, badges, icons, and emojis you can incorporate in your stories. 

  • Easy social media shareability

Once your stories are ready, you can quickly share on your social media, which makes it an efficient and a convenient app. 

  • Easy Logo Maker

Many people use the app as a logo maker. There are multiple types of templates and logo suggestions you can enjoy. 

The app is ideal for those who want to follow a theme in their stories or have really high-quality stories without paying a hefty amount to a designer. You can save all images designed on this app on your device in various formats, including PNGs and JPEGs.  


Animated Instagram stories are such a huge hit these days. These stories are interesting, quick and can explain more things instantly than images. Mojo is the best place for you to start your journey of posting animated Instagram stories. You can create “slideshow-like” stories where you can showcase all your products. Not only this, but you can also customize texts and images, animated and made so much more interesting than just plain still images. The features on the Mojo app you can enjoy are:

  • Color Pallets

Many businesses and bloggers tend to follow a color theme on their blogs to maintain consistency and to stand out. If that’s what you want to do, then Mojo’s color palettes will come in handy.

  • Text Effects

There are tons of text effects that you can apply on your customized text. However, many of these effects will be locked for premium or paid subscribers. 

  • Hundreds Of Animated Templates
  • Social Media Shareability

Just like Canva, Mojo also has a quick and easy social media shareability that helps increase productivity. 

  • Sports Template Category

Very few platforms tend to pay much heed to social media content for sports category. Sports category has been recently added one Mojo.

  • Special Business Category

If you are running a business on Instagram, you will be grateful to see such minimalistic yet impactful animated templates for businesses. Themes like bestsellers, new products, sales, and discounts are all incorporated in these templates to catch up with business terms. 


While it is primarily a video editing app, InShot has been designed to meet the needs of Instagram users. If you have a personal blog or an Instagram business account, you will definitely enjoy using this app. Some key features of the app include:

  • Emoji And Text For Images

You can beautify your content with eye-catchy emojis and texts that increase readability. There are numerous fonts, sizes, and other text effects that you can use to enhance the overall image.

  • Numerous Video Effects

Just like basic photo filters, the app also comes with several effects and filters for your videos. If you are not so sure about hardcore video editing and color adjustments, then these preset effects will come in handy. 

  • Add Audios To Videos

Whether you want to add a voice-over, a music, or a simple tune, you can do so with the app. You can even edit the arduous to enhance the overall feel of a video. 

  • Merge Videos

Merge more than two videos together to create IGTV videos or long reels for Instagram. You don’t need any heavy software anymore. 

There are many other pro-level features, such as speed control for videos that you can use to add slow-motion effects. The app has a bundle of features and functions even professionals can enjoy. 


You must check out each of these apps in detail to see which one meets your needs the best. Equip yourselves with the best smart devices that can accommodate these apps and allow you to design Instagram stories and share them right away. Any business that wants to keep up with social media trends must have a home internet plan from buytvinternetphone, so that it doesn’t miss out on their customers’ responses, competitor’s moves, and the newest digital trends.


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