After being exclusive to Pixel devices for a while, Lens is now going universal with a common release for every Android & iOS device out there. Today rolled out all Android users across the world. The feature works inside the Google Photos app but, you do need to have the latest Google Photos update to be able to use it. At the time of writing this article, the March 2 update is the latest one.

To be able to use Google Lens, you have to open a Photo inside the Google Photos app & click on the Google Lens icon. That’s it.

Google Lens can currently do things like fetching details like Phone Numbers, Addresses & Dates from Business Cards, getting details & reviews of Books, Music Albums, Movies, etc., identifying a Landmark or Building & providing information about it and identifying Paintings from museums & provide info about them.

However, it probably cannot understand the difference between a true Landmark & its Replica. Like we used a photo of a replica of the Taj Mahal for the demo above & Google Lens identified the replica as the Taj Mahal. So, it might be intentional but, that’s just something we noticed.

If you’re an iOS user though, this feature is yet not available for iOS devices. But, it should be available pretty soon for you guys as well.


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