Android Vs Fuchsia

Google has been secretly working on their new OS Fuchsia since 2016 and in this 2 years, it seems that Google is now planning to replace the Android & Chrome OS within 5 years. But, there has been no official roadmap shared or discussed of this plan.

Fuchsia is one of the applications that was developed from the scratch to overcome the limitations that we are facing in our Android devices. This OS is specially designed & developed for adapting better voice modulation & adapting regular updates. Along with this, Google has made sure that the new OS can be used in any other devices like laptops and networking sensors.

We have also seen that Google’s AI now depends on a large number of hardware partners, which is not feasible for every individual & looking at Google CEO, Sundar Pichai’s plan to reach all consumers seems not possible. Hence we think that this OS can play a huge part. Google has already started testing applications for Fuchsia, such as interactive displays and YouTube voice commands.

According to the reports it is expected that the new Fuchsia OS will first start replacing the Google Home Smart devices in 3 years & then gradually move towards Smartphones and laptops.

Now Fuchsia is not a secret project anymore, this project was developed for employees to utilize their time for innovative research. On this project, there are more than 100 people currently involved in developing this application. According to the reports, we could see some devices with Fuchsia OS to hit the market, but by when is still under an umbrella.

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