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QooApp is another market for Asian markets where we find applications that are useful for games, health, fitness, online shopping, photo share, and so on. From qooapp we get the applications of Japan, China, and Korea. By using Qooapp we download lots of Android games into our smartphone or tab. We also get games line Saint Seiva, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto are the few of those games. To use Qooapp is very easy. In the games section, we have tabs. In the first tab, it shows popular games in order, the second tab shows the games will come soon and the third tab shows the events.


QooApps Photo Share

QooApps Photo Share app is useful to share our photos with our friends, family, and our colleagues. Because of their jobs, even family members are also live in different cities, states and some people even live in other countries also. So it is not possible to meet family members daily. Using mobiles we talk with our family members. But any parties like birthdays, marriage day we will celebrate in our city those photos we want to share with our family members. In that situation, we use Qooapps PhotoShare.To share photos go to the photo gallery in our mobile you select qooApps Photo Share. Then photos transferred via Bluetooth.

Sporty Go!

Nowadays every human is focused on their physical fitness to avoid health issues. People are going to the near playground for walking or running in their free time morning or evening. Somebody walk on the roads that do not have much traffic. Celebrities maintain physical trainers to see their physical fitness. But all people to maintain physical trainer not possible. So for those people, they check their health condition by themselves only. For those people while walking, running they need to check the health condition themselves. Sporty Go app is useful to find HR Monitoring and Sensor data. This app works with our mobile as well as watch also. We get the health information whenever we walk or run.

SCL Health

If any health problem comes to anybody they will go to near clinic or hospital to cure the problem. Some people will take medicines from nearby medical stores also. But it is not good to take the medicines from medical stores without consult the doctor. Nowadays telemedicine also so popular. Using telemedicine we will get the doctor’s appointment. Sometimes doctors will suggest medicines in the phone call. Sometimes doctors also suggest some tests depends upon their health condition. By seeing tests doctor suggests medicines. We need to send our test reports to doctors by using the internet or mobile phones.SCL Health application is also one of those useful applications for people who are having health issues. By using this app you do need to go hospital regularly. You can communicate with a doctor by video or e-visit. You also feature like view labs, medication, and your health records as well. You will also ask about your medical prescriptions by interacting with the doctor.

qooApps Connect Companion

Daily everybody has some work to do in their daily life. Depending on the profession they do different tasks. For example, salespersons have tasks like meet the customer, attend the review meeting, get the order from the customer, collect the payment, and hand over the collected amount to the office. Managers have tasks like arrange the meeting, allocate the work to subordinates, supervise the work and check the mails. By using qooApps Connect Companion we maintain our calendar events. In the calendar, we check the weather and alert notifications. Depending upon the weather conditions salesperson arrange their customer visits outside their living city. It will also useful to integrate with Microsoft Outlook for emails.

Chef Collection

Every human being takes food daily to live healthily. Most of the people cooking food in the home. Some people have a habit to go outside for food on the weekends or once a month. The food habits of people are not the same. Different countries have different food habits. In India also all the states not follow the same food habits. North India people like Rotis. South Indian people like rice. Most of the people learn to cook from their mothers, grandmothers in the home. People learn traditional varieties of cook from their mothers. With the Chef Collection application, we get information about cooking and also we improve our cooking skills. By using the CHEF collection application we learn cooking varieties of Chinese, Thai, America, and so on. It contains information from other partners like Saveur, Chefs Feed, Culinary Institute of America, and des Chefs of Samsung’s.


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