This year at Google I/O conference 2017 Android O (8.0) became the main attention. We have seen a lot of developer version out, with major bugs and also solution to them through firmware updates.  Already having a hands-on the Android O, everyone is excited to operate the final official version of the new OS.

Android 8.0 Final

Recently Google gave us some hint about the final release of the Android O. It has been confirmed by Google that the final version of the Android O will be launched in the end of Q3.

This new Android O is light and worked friendly with your Smartphones; specially helps to improve the battery life. The final version of this will first appear in Google Pixel and Pixel XL along with  Nexus 5X & 6P. Everyone is quite excited to see the final version of the Android 8.0 after the poor performance of the 7.1.1.



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