Hide Your identity with these Free VPN Softwares
Hide Your identity with these Free VPN Softwares

There has been an increasing count in the magnitude and frequency of privacy violations throughout the world. Hence having access to a reliable Internet Protocol (IP) cloaking software has grown to be of prime importance for those who desire unrestricted anonymous access to exploring the World Wide Web. Here, you can get the information about hide your identity with this free VPN software.

VPN masks the identity of an individual, which hides the user’s IP address and also enables one to overcome the issue of being rejected by particular websites as a consequence of blocked location. The IP address refers to a unique address that is assigned to gadgets and is used to identify computers, smartphones, and tablets. Each of these gadgets holds at least one IP address differentiating them from all the other devices from the web.

VPN means a “Virtual Private Network,” which helps a device display a separate IP address from the one they hold, whenever the device is used to go online. This different IP address tends to be on loan from the service of the VPN one is using. However, there are certain Free VPN softwares available out there that are reliable and would do the needful for you.

Here is a list of few VPN’S in 2020: 


This one serves to be dedicated to business purposes wherein it provides VPN solutions in order to secure an enterprises’ data communications, be it for securing IoT, for networking cloud data centers, for remote access of it to the employees of the enterprise, or just for basic internet privacy! The download of this VPN comes along with two free connections for pre-testing. The service of OpenVPN can be deployed both on-premise or on cloud servers. 

The OpenVPN access server tends to be a full-featured SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) solution that integrates its server capabilities, firm management capabilities, and a simplified connect UI.

The free software package accommodates MAC, Windows, Linux, both Android and IOS mobile operating server environments. Its access server supports a plethora of configurations, which includes granular and secure remote access to resources of private cloud networks, internal networks, and applications with fine-grained access control. 

NetMotion Mobility

This one is focused on attaining an integrated security platform by the provision of reliable and resilient connections for mobile workforces. It is an apt and a fantastic solution to meet CJIS (Criminal Justice information services) requirements with it being easy to use and administer.

Adding two-factor authentication is easy, and one is provisioned with the ability to choose reporting and logging details. Post initial setup, hardly any modification is required in its settings, making it convenient for use. The support service of the VPN is also brilliant with helping clients regarding questions and troubleshooting. Also, its policy module allows one to push map and software updates to the fleet in a much-targeted manner. 


Launched in the year 2015, it is one of the most generous VPN offerings for potential clients today. It is usually for those who work at a small-scale level with the service providing free 10 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. The operating systems which support Windscribe include Windows, mac OS, iOS, Linux, Google Chrome, and Firefox. 

The VPN is packed with security features and is an excellent use at a personal level for viewing and making use of websites such as Torrent, iPlayer, or streaming over the Netflix US with access to servers of eleven countries. It also boasts of an effective kill switch. 

Proton VPN 

Proton VPN is a well-designed free of cost VPN unblocking almost everything. Its extraordinaire feature as a free VPN is that it provides an unlimited bandwidth plan. It is open-source and independently audited. Also, it places enormous emphasis on user privacy and security, and its client support is also commendable. The interface is easy to use. It offers a suite of advanced privacy tools, which usually only the expensive VPN softwares happens to offer. Proton VPN also works for unblocking Netflix libraries like the Netflix US and works well for Torrent websites. Another advantage of the VPN is that of its strict no-log policy. The VPN also effectively shows the traffic on each server enabling the client to make an optimized decision over his selection. 

TunnelBear VPN

The Canadian-based VPN service combines some unique features of the other free VPNs and undoubtedly has one of the best user-friendly interfaces, making it great for beginners to start with. The service provides 500 megabytes of bandwidth, but tweeting about the VPN provisions one access to an additional gigabyte each month. The VPN also provides for clean user experience with the absence of on-screen advertisements, while the other free VPNs are clogged usually. Also, to ensure total anonymity, there is no data-logging present while one uses the service. The VPN also gets its systems and software audited independently, covering many different areas of its service. The transparency of the VPN makes it reliable and applaudable. 


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