Using a password is a security measure applied to our Android phones. Regardless of the type of the lock, what if it doesn’t work for you? In other words, what if you cannot unlock your Android (top Android unlockers) device as you usually do? Well, this is exactly when individuals wonder how to bypass Android devices through various methods.


How to Bypass Android Lock Screen by Using the Camera or Emergency Call

On your device, this method crashes the lock screen UI (user interface), which allows you to unlock your lock screen password and access your device. Note that this method of bypassing the android lock screen is not successful every time.

Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Camera

Below are some steps you need to follow to learn how to bypass android lock using a camera with the help of an emergency call.

  • On your device, click on the Emergency Call option present on the lock screen of your device.
  • The user needs to enter some asterisks When the dialer tab is visible.
  • Enter at least ten asterisks.
  • To highlight the characters, double tap on the asterisks.
  • Make sure to highlight the asterisks and then select the highlighted characters.
  • Now click on the Copy option.
  • After that, Move the cursor at the end of the asterisks and click on the paste option. This will paste the copies asterisks.
  • Repeat these Copy-Paste steps until the dialer field is full and can’t be highlighted anymore.
  • Go back to the lock screen.
  • Open the camera by swiping left.
  • To access the settings page, slide down on the notification panel.
  • Now, enter the password.
  • It would help if you pasted the copied asterisks into the password field
  • Here, You need to repeat the copy-paste action until the lock screen of your device crashes.
  • You will see that you can easily access your home screen.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily bypass the android lock screen without reset. Limitations are:

  • This method can only work on Android 5.0 and older versions.
  • As your security lock, Your device must have a pin/ password.

Part 1: Is It Possible to Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Camera?

Yes, you can actually use the camera to bypass your security lock with the help of the “emergency number” feature. We will teach you how to bypass the android lock screen using camera(emergency call) 2020. This feature is actually a bug that can be exploited to bypass security. Even the phone is locked, Google has provided its user a feature to access the camera.

You can open your phone’s camera app by swiping left on your lock screen and click photos. You can view and modify those recently clicked photos while the phone is still locked. Some users have found a way to exploit this feature to bypass the security lock and access the device’s home.

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Part 2: How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Camera(Not Working After Android 5.0)

By the following steps, You can bypass your Android lock screen using the camera.

  • First of all, you need to add a long string of characters to the emergency call screen.
  • Next, start the camera app on the lock screen by swiping left.
  • By sliding down on the notification panel, you can now access the settings page. This cannot be done without the emergency number screen, as swiping down a phone usually prompts a password.
  • Continue adding characters onto the emergency screen dialer.
  • The camera app will crash and partially expose your home screen.

This is the way to bypass the android lock screen using the camera without losing data. This method isn’t foolproof and has its limitations! This loophole can only work on Android 5.0 and earlier as Google has fixed this bug in its future OS. Also, for this method to work, your device must have a pin or a password form as a security lock to perform this break-in. Don’t worry. We have got you covered as we will teach you 100% how to bypass the android lock screen without using camera 2020.


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