How To Call From a Different Number

Have you ever wished you could disguise your identity when calling someone? Maybe you want to prank a friend or impress an employer with your attention to detail. Fortunately, it’s possible to call from any number you want, so long as you follow these six steps! Be careful though—it can get addicting!


How To Call From a Different Number

Forward Calls

If you want to change your caller ID so that your friends see a different number when you call them, there are a few ways to do it. You can use a VoIP service, which will allow you to make calls from your computer or smartphone using an app.

You can also use a calling card, which you can purchase at most convenience stores. Or, you can use a web-based service like Skype or Google Voice. All of these services work in the same way.

They assign you a new phone number and the person on the other end sees this new number instead of yours, but all of your incoming calls still go to your original phone line. You can forward all your calls to a different number by setting up forwarding on your home phone.

Using Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Voice Over IP services, like Skype, allow you to make calls from your computer using an internet connection. This can be useful if you want to keep your phone number private or if you’re trying to save money on long-distance calls.

You’ll need a headset with a microphone to speak during the call, but there are ways around this as well.

In fact, there are many online tutorials that will show you how to set up VoIP for free on your smartphone with nothing more than Google Chrome and WiFi access. The options are pretty limitless when it comes to this kind of communication.

So what are you waiting for? Give one of these methods a try today! -Skype: Signing up is quick and easy; all you need is a valid email address.

Plus, since it’s based on internet connection rather than cell service, even in remote areas where reception is poor, your call quality will remain high (assuming you have some sort of connectivity). And at $20/year for unlimited calling worldwide, you get excellent value for the price.

Use an App

There are plenty of apps out there that will allow you to change your caller ID. Just do a quick search in your app store, and you’ll find plenty of options. Once you’ve found an app that looks good to you, just download it and follow the instructions. They should be pretty straightforward, but if you have any trouble, feel free to reach out to customer support for help. Here are some popular phone call-changing apps:

  • Fone Cloner (Android only)
  • ViperaBox (iOS only)
  • Fake My Caller (iOS only)

Phone Cop (Android and iOS) is another great option. It costs $2.99, which is really inexpensive considering all the fun things you can do with it.

You can create custom fake names and numbers as well as send text messages with this app, so it really is versatile and offers a lot of value for what you pay for it. I would recommend this one over the others because of its range of features as well as its price point, which makes it more competitively priced than other similar apps on the market today.

One tip when using these types of apps: Be careful about how much information you provide to the customer service representative. Giving away too much personal information could lead to someone using your phone number without your knowledge or authorization later on.

Use Google Voice

Google Voice is a great way to call from a different number because it’s free and easy to use. Plus, you can choose any number you want, so you can really prank your friends! Here’s how:

  • Create a Google Voice account online.
  • Choose the phone number you want to use.
  • Connect your Google Voice account to your cell phone.
  • Start making calls! You’ll see your outgoing calls on your Google Voice dashboard and incoming calls will go straight to voicemail (you won’t even see them). You’ll get voicemails transcribed as text messages, or you can listen to them online or on the app.

To get around paying for minutes with a mobile carrier, make outgoing calls over Wi-Fi whenever possible. Voicemail transcriptions are included in your Google Voice inbox, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything important.

If you want to leave someone a voicemail while they’re not available, just press 4 when prompted by their phone system instead of 1. 8. With some phones and carriers, you may have difficulty receiving SMS notifications from your Google Voice number – just follow these instructions for Android users or these instructions for iPhone users if that happens to be the case.

Use Skype

One way to call from a different number is to use Skype. You can create a new Skype account with a new phone number. To do this, go to the Skype website and click on the Create an account link. Enter your information and choose a phone number.

Once you have created your account, you can add credit so you can make calls. To do this, click on the Skype Credit link and follow the instructions. You will need a US or Canadian card for either PayPal or SMS billing. After that, you will need to verify your email address and then enter your payment information.

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If you don’t want to provide payment information, but still want to call someone using Skype, download the app instead of creating an account online. The process is the same as if you were creating an account. The difference is that when you download the app, there will be no verification process.

Use Facetime Audio

Do you want to play a prank on your friends? Well, if you have an iPhone, there’s an easy way to do it! With FaceTime Audio, you can change your caller ID and make it look like you’re calling from a different number. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Phone.
  3. Tap Show My Caller ID.
  4. Turn off Show My Caller ID. 5. Enter the phone number you want to call from in the Your Number field and then tap Done.

Enter your current phone number in the Recipient’s Number field and then tap Call (or press Dial). Now when someone answers, they’ll see that fake phone number instead of yours! The downside is that this will only work with people who have an iPhone or are running iOS 10 or higher.

Use Google Voice: If you don’t want to use FaceTime Audio, another option is using Google Voice. When using Google Voice, you can simply dial the recipient’s number as usual but then enter *67 before pressing call to hide your real phone number.

How do you disguise your phone number?

  1. Get a Google Voice number. This is a free service from Google that allows you to have a second phone number that you can use for calls and texts.
  2. Use a pay phone. If you really want to go old-school, you can use a pay phone to make your call. Just be sure to put in enough money for the call first!
  3. Use a VoIP service. These services allow you to call from an app on your computer or through an app on your mobile device. They don’t require any downloads or installations, so they’re pretty easy to use.
  4. Use a cheap burner phone. You can buy one of these phones for as little as $20, which is perfect if you only need it for one prank call or text message.

How Do You Call From a Different Number on iPhone?

There are a few different ways you can change your caller ID on your iPhone so that you can prank your friends. The first way is to go into your Settings app and find the Phone section. In the Phone section, there should be an option for Show My Caller ID. If you toggle this off, it will allow you to enter in a fake number when making calls. One downside of this feature is that some people might be able to see your real phone number if they look closely at their screen while you’re calling them.

There’s also a second way to make outgoing calls from a different number by using FaceTime or Siri (depending on what device you have). To do this, all you need to do is press the green arrow next to the contact or person you want to call.

If you don’t have someone saved as a contact, just type in their name. If you want to use Siri, just hold down the Home button on your phone until she appears. Then tell her who you would like to call and she’ll place the call for you!

When you answer the call, it will appear as though it’s coming from the person you called instead of your actual number. Be careful not to use FaceTime too often because each time you answer a call via FaceTime, your battery life will take a hit.


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