Clone Android Phone Without Losing Data
Clone Android Phone Without Losing Data

In cases that you are changing your Android phones, you shouldn’t worry at all. It isn’t a tedious task anymore! Yes, that’s true! If you are to use an Android clone app, you could simply transfer all your data from a device to another. Below in this article, we will cover the How to Clone Android Phone Without Losing Data? dr.fone – Switch Tops It!.

With this, you could clone Android phones without having to maintain multiple accounts Android. If you want to know how to clone an Android phone, there are five solutions below. Let’s get started!

1. dr.fone – Switch

This solution is considered to be the best among others. With a number of other solutions that will be presented below, this one deserves to be on the top spot. 

Well, to clone an Android phone in a secure and fast manner, the assistance of dr.fone – Switch is actually needed. This tool is a part of the dr.fone toolkit and it can be used to transfer all your data directly from a device to another. 

Like for example, you could transfer pictures from phone to phone or even sms transfer can also be done. Plus, you can also transfer the notes, contacts, and multiple accounts Android detail too. Plus, it is compatible with all the leading Android devices being manufactured by brands such as HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Samsung and more. 

With the intuitive process, it would let you to Android clone easily and quickly. So, here’s the steps that you should follow:

First, download the tool on your Mac or Windows before changing the Android phones. After, you can connect both your devices to the system and launch the dr.fone toolkit. 

Second, click the Switch button to see the dedicated interface. 

Next, dr.fone would automatically detect the connected devices. One of these devices will be marked as the source and the other one as the destination device. 

You can click the Flip button if you want to change their positions before you do the Android cloning. 

At this moment, you can now choose the kind of data that you want to transfer from one device to another. Click the Start Transfer to clone the Android phone. 

Simply sit back and wait for a while as the application would transfer the selected content from the device to another. Just make sure that both these devices stay connected to the system. 

Finally, if the cloning process is done, you’ll surely be notified. 

Indeed, with dr.fone – Switch you can clone Android phone in a few seconds. Just disconnect the devices and you can already use them. Aside from Android, this tool can also be used to transfer data between various platforms too. 

2. SHAREit

Known to be a famous cross-platform device sharing application, this one is being utilized by millions of users these days. This app could be utilized to make a wireless way of transferring data at a fast speed. And this is done without using the data usage via Bluetooth. Instead, the app uses Wi-Fi direct to clone the phone. 

Here’s how to use SHAREit:

  • Download and install the app on both your Android devices. 
  • Launch the app on the source device and click on the SEND option. 
  • This would further allow you to choose the data files which you wish to transfer. After selecting the content, tap on the NEXT option. 
  • You have to bring the target device closer to the sender and launch the app. Mark it as the receiving device. 
  • By this, it would automatically make the phone discover the sending device. Choose the Wi-Fi Hotspot which is linked with the sending device to form a secure connection. 
  • You can choose the receiving device on the source phone as the connection would be made. And this would initiate the cloning of the data. 

3. CLONEit

Another great alternative as you change Android phones is through the help of the CLONEit app to transfer the files in a batch. This app could also be used to migrate multiple accounts of Android hassle-free. 

Follow these steps below:

  • Download the app on both the devices and install them. Launch the app on your devices and turn on the Wi-Fi. 
  • The source device is the SENDER and the target device is your RECEIVER. 
  • With this, the target device would automatically begin looking for the sender. You could view the Wi-Fi hotspot that the sender has created to verify the connection. 
  • There is a need for you to confirm the connection request by simply clicking the OK button of the prompt. 
  • If the connection is already established, you could clone the Android phone quickly and easily. Go to the source device and choose the data that you want to transfer. 
  • After the selection, tap the START button to make the target device as the Android clone of the old one. 
  • Just wait for a while since transferring data would take place. You’ll be notified once it is completed successfully. 

Indeed, cloning Android can be done a lot easier and faster through the help of some apps, and the ones mentioned above are among the best options. However, if you want to clone your old Android phone as you buy a new one in just a click, then don’t doubt the ability of dr.fone – Switch to do that for you!


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