Delete or Hide Custom Reddit – Custom feeds are feeds redditors make themselves that have multiple communities in one feed. Custom feeds are great for grouping communities that are about the same topic.  You can keep your custom feeds private for your own use, or make them public to share.

Delete or Hide Custom Reddit

Reddit is among the most popular social networks worldwide. On Reddit, you can become a part of communities you’re interested in and enjoy forums where people share news and content or comment on other people’s posts. Amongst a ton of features, Reddit offers the option to create custom feeds on the platform. While creating one is very easy, deleting it can be quite tricky for many of you. Therefore, we are here with a step-by-step guide on how to delete custom feeds on Reddit.

Delete Custom Feeds on Reddit

Delete or Hide Custom Reddit – Using Custom Feeds on Reddit, you can combine multiple subreddits into one customizable feed if you want all posts and discussions related to a particular topic in one place. For instance, you can create a custom feed for fitness and add all the sports, health, yoga, and other related communities to the feed.

To create a Custom Feed, visit a subreddit page, tap the menu at the top right and click on Add to Custom Feed. Then tap Create a Custom Feed and give it a name. You can then add other communities to this feed or create other feeds.

Unfortunately, the Reddit app doesn’t seem to have an option to edit the added communities or delete the custom feed. So, if you want to remove a custom feed from your Reddit, you’ll have to do it on the site’s desktop version.

Steps to Delete a Reddit Custom Feed on Desktop

  1. Open on your web browser.
  2. Log in to your account if not already.
  3. Click the drop-down menu at the top left.
  4. Tap the custom feed you want to delete under the “Custom Feeds” header.
  5. Once the custom feed opens, tap the three dots at the right.
  6. Click on Delete Custom Feed.
  7. Tap Delete again to confirm.

That’s it. Your Reddit custom feed has now successfully been deleted. It will no longer appear on your Reddit web or mobile app.

Hide the Custom Feed on your Reddit Profile

Do you want to hide your custom feed from others instead of deleting it? If so, you can make the feed private or hide it from your profile using the steps below.

  1. Open the custom feed in your browser.
  2. Press the Pen icon next to the name of the feed.
  3. Change in the next screen Custom feed privacy from the public to Private.
  4. Or if you just want to hide it from your profile without making it private, turn that off Show in profile Switch.

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How to Delete your Reddit History via the “My Profile” Page

  1. Log into your account on and click your username in the top-right corner, and then select “My Profile.
  2. This will bring you to the “Overview” section of your profile, where each post and comment you’ve made will be listed. Find the post or comment you want to delete and click the ellipsis icon (“…”) below it, and then select “Delete.”
  3. A pop-up will warn you that deleting a post can’t be undone. Click “Delete Post” to confirm your choice.
  4. Repeat this for any comment or post you want to delete.

How to Delete your Entire Reddit History at Once Using an Extension?

  • Open Google Chrome on your Mac or PC and head to this page, where you can install the Nuke Reddit History extension.
  • Click “Add to Chrome” in the top-right.
  • Once the extension is downloaded, click its newly-added orange icon in your Chrome toolbar and select “Overwrite & Delete All My Comments,” and/or “Delete All My Posts.”
  • If you have multiple Reddit accounts, the extension will automatically take effect on whichever account is currently logged in.
  • You won’t have any chance to confirm your choice, so be sure before clicking an option.


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