How to Disable pop up blocker in our Android mobile

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How to Disable pop up blocker in our Android mobile

Now a days most of the people need to use the internet regularly or occasionally depending up on their profession.Even childrens and old people are also use the internet.Internet use in the government as well as private offices also.In the government offices they are uploading their files online by using e-office software.Even to attend the conference meetings of officers also they are using internet.For mailing purpose also most of the employees use the internet.In private offices they use the internet depending up on their job they use different softwares.For example accounting employee use the Tally software for their accounts purpose.For uploading Income Tax returns,Sales tax Gst returns they need to connect to the internet in the tally software.Even for browsing something that we don’t know we will search that information in the internet with the help of search engines like google.Students also use the internet to learn the software technologies online.Whenever people get bored they will enjoy by seeing the movies using internet.There are so many other situations also we use the internet.


While using the internet in the browsers most of the times we see the adds pop ups that are not relevant to the information whatever we are looking or searching.Sometimes we also see the adds that are useful also.But most of the adds we don’t want to see again and again.So we need to block the adds in the pop ups by change some settings in the browsers like google chrome,mozilla firefox,internet explorer and safari.


But sometimes we need to disable the pop up blocker situations like you need to print the information,showing our login page and also see the information that is shown on the pop up window in those situations we need to disable the pop up blocker to perform the above said tasks.

How to Disable pop up blocker in our Android mobile

Google Chrome:

  1. In our Android mobile,Click on Chrome app 
  2. Then click on More select the settings 
  3. Select the site settings then select the pop-ups and redirects 
  4. To allow pop ups turn pop ups and redirects


Samsung Internet:

  1. In your Android mobile, select the samsung Internet app
  2. Click on More then click on Settings
  3. Click on Site Settings then select Pop-ups and redirects
  4. To allow pop-ups turn pop-ups and redirects


Mozilla Firefox:

In the Mozilla Firefox browser for Android mobile there is no option available to disable the pop up blocker we follow below steps

  1. In the address bar of firefox type about:config
  2. Then find dom.disble_open_during_load and give the value false.

While playing games also we see most of the adds also come in our browser.Also in the information sites we see those adds.


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