As the price of a smartphone continues to rise, so does our anxiety about damaging it. When phones were simply used for making and receiving calls, they could be easily replaced if broken. The modern smartphone is an indispensable tool for business and social life, but losing or damaging it may mean missing out on emails, meetings, photos, and videos. Here is a checklist of suggestions for shoring up the security of your Android mobile device, so you can sleep easier knowing your investment is safe.

Android Mobile Device

Buy a High-Quality Case

We need an additional layer of security for our phones since we take them almost everywhere with us. Mishaps are inevitable. It’s preferable to prevent damage by keeping your phone in a sturdy case, especially if you have very slick hands. You can choose from a variety of options – from a waterproof case to even creating a customized case to design it just the way you like it. As folks from Case 24 state, this way you can keep your phone safe while looking stylish. And with using a waterproof case, your phone will be well-protected against any falls, whether they occur in water or on dry ground.

Use Car Holder 

How often do we get in accidents because we try to use our phones while driving? People often lose their phones while driving and attempting to use them. Most of the time, the result is a broken phone screen. They may be using it for directions, texting, or taking a call while driving. And to mention that it’s illegal to talk on a phone while driving. We advise using a car phone holder to keep yourself and your device safe in such situations. You may safely use your phone for navigation, music, and other reasons while driving with the aid of a phone holder.

Enable ‘Find My Device’ Feature

Your Android device and the information stored inside it are more protected thanks to this built-in function. When your phone is stolen or misplaced, activating “Find my device” will help you recover your data and locate your phone. For Android’s “Find My Device” function to work properly, its activation is required. Open the Settings drop-down menu and choose Google first. Then, choose Security from the drop-down menu, select Find My Device, and toggle the switch to the On position. If you turn on this function, your phone may be tracked from any location.

Enable ‘Find My Device’ Feature

Always Use Proper Charging Techniques

Modifying the way you charge your phone may have a significant impact on its durability. Overcharging a smartphone may occur if it is left plugged in after it has reached full charge, something many people are unaware of. If you’re using a cheap third-party charger, you may want to disconnect your phone after it’s completely charged, but most quality charging accessories already have safeguards in place to prevent this from happening. You should also be careful while plugging in the power wire. The phone and the charging cable both risk breaking if you’re too rough with them.

As you can see, by making just one simple adjustment to your smartphone routine, you may greatly reduce the risk of losing or damaging your device. Despite the prevalence of mishaps, most cases of broken or stolen phones could be prevented if people just took their time and planned ahead.

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