Find Reel Drafts on Instagram – Instagram offers the draft feature that comes quite handy while creating Reels. You can save multiple video clips in drafts and create a new Reel out of any draft. But where are Instagram Reel drafts saved and how to use them to create a new Reel? Let’s check how to use draft Reels on Instagram. You will get to know how to create, find, edit, delete, download, and share a Reel draft.


How to Find Reel Drafts on Instagram?

First Method

  • Open the Instagram app on your device and log in to your Instagram account.
  • Swipe left from your Instagram home and click on the “Reels” option.
  • Start making a reel of your choice.
  • Click on the “X” option on the top left once you’re done recording your reel.
  • On the “Discard entire video” pop-up, click on the “Save Draft” option. Your reel draft will be successfully saved.

Second Method

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device and log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Swipe left from your Instagram home and click on the “Reels” option.
  3. Start making a reel of your choice.
  4. Click on the “Preview” option below on the right side once you’re done making the reel.
  5. Hit the “next” option and then click on the “Save draft” option below. Your reel draft will be successfully saved.

How To Find Saved Draft Reels On Instagram?

To find out the saved draft in reels, here are some methods mentioned below;

  1. Firstly, you must go to the reels creation screen.
  2. Then tap the aff (+) or gallery icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap on the drafts tab to view all your saved reels.
  4. The following method is to open your Instagram profile screen, and you should tap on the reels icon.
  5. Then tap on the first box that is named drafts. It will have all your draft videos contained.

Where Can I Find My Draft Reels On Instagram?

When you save Instagram Reels as a draught, they’ll display in the Reels tab of your profile among all of the other Reels you’ve previously published. You can distinguish between your uploaded Reels and those stored as draughts, as the latter will appear in the ‘Drafts’ section.

Find Reel Drafts On Instagram

  • You can save up the video in Instagram reels for posting later by moving them to drafts. For that, first, you need to record a reels video by opening the story camera and making all the necessary changes that your video needs.
  • You can also make more changes in the video afterward, even after saving the video in drafts.
  • After taking up the video, tap on the right arrow to confirm the recording, and then tap on the arrow icon on the bottom right corner.
  • doing the previous method will take little time and take you to the option share screen, which is the final stage before uploading your video online.
  • To save your Instagram reels as a draft, then tap on the option “save as draft” at the bottom of your “share screen”.
  • Finally, you have successfully saved your reels’ videos in the drafts for future uploads.

How To Use Instagram Reels For Business?

Instagram reels are a new way to communicate and build up your community to grow with each other on Instagram. Here are a few steps that can be used as Instagram reels in your marketing strategy:

  1. Create Content: That’s genuine and resonates with your target demographic. Instagram Reels are a quick and enjoyable method to produce compelling, one-of-a-kind footage with special effects. It is an excellent opportunity for companies to demonstrate a more human side of their brand.
  2. Share educational content: Use Reels to educate something new to your audience. Demonstrate how to save money more effectively, how to wear the skirt five different ways, or how to snap the perfect photo.
  3. Show off your product and services: Reels can help you raise brand awareness and revenue by demonstrating what you have to offer.



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