Today’s Android phones are easily hacked. So, it is better to follow a few security rules and install licensed anti-virus software to protect your Android phone. However, it is easy to fix your hacked smartphone. Sometimes hacking is disastrous to the user and brings the worst possible results for them. Most Android users are unaware of this hacking and lose critical data and files stored in their Android phones. Every user keeps vital information in their Android phones such as bank details, e-mail accounts, credit card numbers, and many others. The hackers are always on the lookout to hack one of these phones, and you might land up in great trouble.

But there are some ways through which you can fix a hacked Android phone. So, before jumping on how to fix it, we need to know what are its symptoms and how could recognize a hacked phone. Also, learn how to hack android phones remotely.


How to Detect a Hacked Phone?

How to fix a Hacked Android Phone

There are many indications or symptoms you will find in your phone that the hacker has breached your Android phone’s security.

Installation of Unknown Apps – Installed unknown apps in your Android phone. You need to remove it from your phone immediately, otherwise, it would consume chunks of your mobile data. So, remove any unknown apps from your Android phone. However, you can check data consumption through this method. You need to turn on your phone, tap Settings, and then click Data usage.

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Decreasing Performance – Your Android phone is becoming sluggish. This is a sign that your phone is hacked. Since the hacker is controlling your phone, performing your phone is also gets lowered. The apps will not run properly. You will start losing more data and your phone’s space is also compromised. Hence, your phone’s performance is also slowing down. Therefore, always uninstall any unknown apps from your device.

Battery Issues – Another sign of phone hacking. When a phone is hacked it drains the battery quickly, even after charging it fully. Click here for how to fix touch screen lag & battery drain on Redmi Note 8. This results from an unknown app running in the background that you aren’t aware of and it is consuming your phone’s battery.

Calling and Texting automatically – You will find this when your phone is hacked by hackers. Your phone would call and send text messages without your approval. This is because the hacker is controlling your phone. So, check your phone and block the sender immediately.

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HowTo Fix A Hacked Android Phone?

Restoring your phone is critical in these stages. Sometimes the symptoms can damage your entire phone. If all the above steps are not working, then you might need help from the technical guys. As they have better technical knowledge, they can fix your phone quickly. However, before consulting them try your methods, and they are:-

  • Remove unknown apps
  • Install anti-virus from reliable sources.
  • Monitor your phone’s activity regularly.
  • Block spam notifications.
  • Re-install your web browser
  • Change all your passwords.
  • Verify data usage regularly.

However, if all things fail, you can take the option of restoring the phone. You can follow the below steps to restore the phone.

Step: 1 Restoring your Phone

  • Tap Settings on your phone

  • Navigate to General Management



  • Press Reset

  • Tap Factory data reset


  • Press Reset

Step 2. Uninstall Unwanted Apps

When you notice a few apps that are installed without your consent or is consuming too much of your phone’s battery, it is wise to remove those apps. Remove those apps immediately on your phone. Press Settings > Apps > App Manager >then tap the three vertical dots to pull up the apps.

If you find any apps that are consuming your phone’s battery or any of the above things, simply press the uninstall button. But before performing these actions, make sure to take a complete backup of your important data and files. You might even take the help of Google if you have little knowledge about any app. But remember to delete those apps that may look suspicious.

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Step 3: Delete Everything If Needed

If you see the performing the above actions is not helping your cause, then you need to delete everything from your phone. However, resetting your phone to factory reset is the best option for you. Although it is the best way to start from scratch, remember to take backup. Navigate to your phone’s Settings > Backup & Reset >Reset > Factory Data Reset.

Do this action if everything fails.


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