Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram – Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform owned by Facebook, where you can post visual content for your followers, as well as interact with others’ photos and videos. It is a great platform to keep in touch with the lives of those whom you admire and find interesting and creative visual content.

Fix Couldn't Refresh Feed on Instagram

How to Fix the Error and Refresh Your Instagram Feed?

Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram – Switch Off & on the Network Connection

Usually, the primary cause of this error is the work disconnection. Accordingly, if you see an error, the first thing you should do is check your network connection.

Check if your Wi-Fi/mobile data is connected or not. This Instagram error could still happen if the network signal is weak. So open a page in your browser, if it loads slowly, it means a weak network signal. So you might use Instagram later when the network signal is better or switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi data to see which one works better.

There are also two other explanations for it:

Limited Mobile data amount: If you manage to face this problem at the end of every month, the error is presumably caused by your mobile carrier limiting your mobile data after a specified amount of data usage in a month. You can contact your mobile carrier to solve this problem.

Overloaded Network Connection: You may get this error while many people seek to use a mobile network concurrently, such as in a show or a game.

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Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram – Restart Your Phone

If you keep getting the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error even after doing these tricks, you should restart your phone and see if it fixes the problem. It may not work for everyone but doesn’t hurt to try.

Log out of the Instagram app and Login Again

You can log in again to your Instagram account, and see if the problem is fixed.

To log out from Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app and from the home feed, tap the small profile picture to go to the profile.
  2. Tap the three-line icon (hamburger icon).
  3. Click on the setting.
  4. Tap log out.
  5. Log in to the Instagram app again, and see if it is error-free.

Try Instagram on a PC or Other Devices

You can see if you have the same bug on other devices. Here you can use another phone or your tablet. You can also open the Instagram account on pc, and see if the issue exists.

To post on Instagram from PC, you can go to the Creator Studio website (which belongs to Instagram). Log in with Facebook or Instagram account, and click Create to add posts.


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