Altice remote is an awesome device that gives users a better entertainment experience like never before. This is a next-generation remote that works regardless of where you point it. This means you can point the remote in the opposite direction and still have it flawlessly communicating with the receiver.

You can point the remote anywhere and still control your box. Altice remote features sleek backlight keys that make steering easy even in the dark. It is a Bluetooth-enabled device that helps you navigate and connect to multiple channels.

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Using Bluetooth technology makes Altice remote an advanced device as users can still use it when they are far away from the receiver. With Google Assistant, the remote also has a feature that supports voice commands. Hence, it is indeed a fully featured remote that gives a kind of experience we have not seen before.

However, the Altice remote is an electronic device, hence, it can develop faults that can make it malfunction. In this post, we will look at the different issues that Altice remote may develop and how to solve these problems.

First thing first.


How to reset the Altice remote

This is a very common fix that users often practice. And since it is not a tiring adventure to venture into, we will look at this first. You may need to reset your Altice remote for some reason. To do this, simply follow the 2 legged steps below.

  • Remove its batteries and let it settle for some minutes.
  • Now insert the batteries and try using the remote again.

Why is my Altice One remote blinking and not working?

Like other Bluetooth and wireless connection-enabled devices, a continued blinking signals a failed pairing attempt. When this happens, the device continues to search for nearby devices, thus making itself discoverable by blinking the lights. Other reasons that cause continuous blinking, yet connection failure include:

  • Presence of software malware that keeps unpairing the remote as it continues pairing attempts
  • Low batteries
  • Wrong pairing mode

How to fix Altice remote blinking issue

  • Press the 7 and 9 buttons

The easiest fixing tip of the Altice remote control is the simultaneous pressing of the 7 and 9 buttons. First, press the 7 and 9 buttons at the same time, and hold them for a few seconds. This forces the device to switch from the pairing mode to the normal control mode.

  • Check the batteries

When the batteries are low, the remote would normally disconnect from the box and go into the pairing mode. As a result of its availability for pairing, the device keeps blinking at intervals. This problem can be fixed by simply replacing the battery with a new pair. After doing that, attempt to pair the device again and see if it is successful.

  • Check the Bluetooth

The Altice remote is nothing without the Bluetooth feature on it. Hence, when the Bluetooth sensor has a problem, the remote will stop working and would only continue to blink. Removing the batteries for about 30 seconds may solve the problem. Reinsert the batteries afterward and try to pair the remote again.

  • Try power cycle on your Altice box

The Altice box could be dangling, and you can fix it through a power cycle. In order to do this, turn off the Altice box and then turn it on again. The process helps to reinitialize the configuration settings on the box.

  • Factory reset the TV box

When all of the above solutions fail, then you are only left with going for the ultimate solution. Remember that this method will clear all the data saved in the box. This means even if this solves the problem, you will have to program your box again. To reset the TV box, check out this process;

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  • Find the reset button at the back of the box.
  • Press and keep holding the button for 15 seconds.
  • Wait until the Altice box flashes once and turns on. Then start the pairing process for the Altice box.

How to reconnect Altice remote

Did the remote fail to connect? Here is how to fix that.

  • You want to change the batteries foremost. Afterward, you may want to repair the Bluetooth remote
  • Press the switch on the recorder’s left side. This will push the TV into pairing mode.
  • Then follow the procedure on the screen to pair the remote.

How to pair an Altice remote

  • The pairing process for the Altice remote is as follows.
  • Press the home button on the remote.
  • Locate the system settings on your TV screen. Now, select preference, and pair the remote to Altice one to start the pairing process.
  • Press and hold the 7 and 9 buttons at the same time for some seconds.
  • If the pairing process is successful, you will get a complete pairing notification on the screen.

How to pair Altice remote to cable box

Sometimes, your issue may be associated with pairing the Altice remote to a cable box. As usual, we have got that covered for you. The guide to successfully pairing your Altice remote is provided below.

  • Point the remote to the receiver box.
  • Now press the home dial, hold it, and select Settings.
  • Select the preference, and pair the remote to Altice one.
  • Press 7 + 9 buttons and hold them for about 10 seconds, then release them.
  • Now select pair remote control.
  • If you have followed the steps above correctly, your remote should now be successfully connected to the cable box.

After the process, your remote should pair with the cable box and work correctly. If it does not, then perhaps there is a problem somewhere. We shall look at the possible cause of the problem and how to solve it next.

Why is Altice remote not working with the cable box?

The followings are the events that may cause the Altice remote to fail to work.

  • The batteries are already running low
  • The pairing process was unable to complete
  • The receiver box has connection problems

How to fix the Altice remote not working with the cable box problem

You can fix the problems of Altice remote and cable box connection problems through the following.

  • Start by resetting the remote using the guide given earlier: Remove the remote batteries, wait for some seconds, and reinsert them again.  Then check to see if the remote now works with the cable box.
  • Replace the remote batteries: Since t remote uses Bluetooth, it would not be able to stay for long without an abundant power supply. Hence, you may need to use new batteries to hold a charge for a long time.
  • Try to re-pair the remote: The process involved in repairing the remote has been discussed above. Be sure to check again if you missed it.
  • Check the receiver signal: A faulty receiver signal would cause the remote problems, thus failing to connect to the cable box. To repair this issue, you must first eradicate the above causes and establish that the problem is with the receiver signal.  After that, try to switch on the receiver box again.
  • Disconnect the receiver box from the power outlet and let it stay unplugged for some minutes.
  • Now reconnect the box to the power supply and restart it.
  • Attempt to repair the remote now and check if it works.
  • Finally, manually reset the box. Resetting the receiver box helps delete all the data in it, including the issues hampering the remote from working. So if the remote fails to work after trying the steps above, reset it and that may solve the problem.

Altice remote volume not working

If the volume keys are the ones not working, foremost try to increase or decrease the volume using the buttons on the TV. If you are able to do this from the TV directly, but unable to do so via the remote, the problem is without a doubt, from the remote. Reset it to the factory settings to eliminate the problem.

Altice one remote voice command not working

Firstly, confirm if the remote has a microphone symbol or mark. There is no static location for this symbol as it varies based on the remote model. You may want to refer to the user manual for help on this, but it is not something you cannot figure out yourself. After locating the microphone, start troubleshooting the remote.

There are a variety of reasons for voice command failure. They are:

No internet connection: Be sure that there is internet connectivity on your device, as it is essential for voice recognition functionality. Press the help button and select internet connectivity. Once you ascertain an internet connection, move to the next step.

Remote is unable to pair with Google TV: Voice recognition only works when the remote is able to connect to the TV. Hence, ensure that the two are paired before going through this trouble.

Wrong microphone position: Position the microphone close to your mouth as you speak to it. This step helps the remote voice command to execute the correct instructions.

Wrong voice command usage: While the voice command makes things easier for you, it is important to remember that it is not applicable to all your needs. Be sure to use the right commands as seen in the device’s manual.

If following the above guide fails to fix the remote microphone problem, you can wrap the troubleshooting up by following the ones mentioned below.

  • Restart the remote
  • Update the remote-control software to the latest version
  • Reset the TV to default settings

Comprehensive list of Altice Remote TV codes

The Altice remote may be a wonderful invention, but it still requires you to set things up yourself when you just buy it. To program the remote, you would need a 4-digit code that varies based on the device brand. Listed below are examples of common TV brands and their respective codes.

  • Dell: 3301, 2701
  • Digistar: 0001, 3301, 2601, 2291, 1131, 0861, 0241
  • Apex Digital: 0331, 2881, 2771, 2721, 2341, 2331, 2161, 2011, 1841, 1491, 0861, 0391
  • Asus: 0231
  • Atvio: 1391
  • Audiovox: 3871, 0461, 0241
  • Funai: 0091, 3261, 3151, 2311, 2221, 1481, 0461
  • Furrion: 1941, 0571
  • Fusion: 1161
  • GE: 0821, 3861, 3341, 3271, 2801, 2611, 2271, 2171, 2091, 2021, 2001, 0331, 0051
  • GoldStar: 3231, 3021, 2851, 2651, 2511, 2411, 2221, 1431, 0241, 0051
  • Hisense: 0051, 0981, 0771, 0311, 0281, 1761, 1661, 1651, 1561, 0861, 0151, 0001
  • Hitachi: 0161, 3661, 0001
  • Lenovo: 1171
  • LG: 0051, 4111, 3301, 2851, 2411, 1431, 0821
  • Loewe: 1301, 0001
  • Panasonic: 0131, 2671, 1831, 2751, 2071, 2021, 2931, 1811, 0101, 0051
  • Panda: 0731
  • Philips: 0181, 1311, 0001, 3631, 3611, 2471, 2351, 2311, 1871, 1431, 1201, 0091
  • Pioneer: 1291, 0111, 2301, 3031
  • Polaroid: 0541, 2871, 0001, 4071, 1341, 1161, 1091, 1041, 0621, 0331
  • Proscan: 0571, 0051, 3861, 3411, 2171, 2091, 1631, 1441, 1161, 0821, 0561, 0151
  • Proview: 0541, 3461, 0051
  • Prima: 0621, 0241, 2601, 2431, 2291, 0001
  • Samsung: 0151, 3071, 1461, 2831, 0051
  • Sansui: 0991, 2661, 1961, 0541, 0091
  • Sanyo: 4161, 1281, 0221, 0621, 0051, 3231, 2741, 2531
  • Skyworth: 1151, 0421, 0211, 0201, 1671, 0001
  • Sony: 0141
  • Toshiba: 0331, 2831, 0131, 0101, 3641, 2151, 1961, 1781
  • TCL: 1111, 0821, 0001, 3411, 3311, 2801, 4141, 1931, 1661, 1561

Departing Thoughts

Altice One remote is a wonderful gadget but like any other device, it has some relates issues that make you get tired of using it. This is an extensive read. We hope it was not a waste of time for you as we are confident you are able to find a solution that worked.


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