Fix the Android.Process.Acore Keeps Stopping Error – When there is an issue with your contact’s cached data on the device android then this Acore has stopped error usually occurs.Fix the Android.Process.Acore Keeps Stopping Error

You may face it after updating your phone or due to a temporary glitch in the sync process. And also, it is happen on phones running older Android versions.


What does Acore mean and What Causes the Error?

Acore is one of the most common error messages for android users caused when cache data is corrupted. Hence whenever your device tries to contact the cache for running background it throws a crash report.

This error is common and has multiple causes. The main cause tends to be having a corrupt file in your contacts’ cached data. Files can be corrupted due to various reasons, such as an error occurring during an operating system or firmware upgrade. Other causes can be your syncing process being abruptly stopped, not having enough storage space, system crashes, or a malicious virus attack.

How to Fix the Android.Process.Acore Keeps Stopping Error?

1. Update Your Apps

For any new updates, It was very important to check the Play Store, especially for the Contacts, Phone, and other system apps on your device. Having the latest version of the apps helps ensure that any bugs present would be fixed.

It helps clear any circumstances relating to having an incompatible version or glitches. Once you have installed the latest versions of all the apps, restart your phone and check to see if the error is gone.

2. Remove and Re-Add Your Google Account

If there are any conflicting errors between your Google account and Contacts, this can be a cause for the error. To clear up any issues, a quick solution is to remove and add your Google account again.

By removing and then re-adding your Google account, the fresh start might erase any glitches present and fetch any new software updates that might have been missed.

Here’s how to remove your Google account:

  1. First, Go to Settings and click on the Accounts.
  2. Choose your Google Account and then Select the Remove account Option.
  3. Tap on Remove account once more to confirm.

To re-add your Google account, then select Add Account from the bottom and then select Google. Enter your credentials and you have your Google account back. If you had synced any data, the app will now re-sync all of it which may take a while.

3. Clear Cache and Data on All Contacts Apps

Clearing the cache and storage on your contact apps helps remove any corrupt files that may be causing the error. By clearing data for the Contacts, Contacts storage, and Google Contacts sync, your apps will be reset, eliminating any associated bugs or cache data issues.

Your Contacts app’s cache contains files that help it work more efficiently. Cache files are created for ease of use and a better user experience in terms of speed. By clearing the cache, your data is not in danger, but the app may operate more slowly for a while.

Clearing storage on the other hand will remove all your files, although re-syncing with your Google account will bring them back. Or restore your backup if not. The below shows how to clear the storage and cache for the contacts app:

  1. Go to Settings and then select on the Apps & notifications > See all X apps.
  2. Then next, Select the Contacts and Tap on the Force Stop to kill the application.
  3. Select Storage & cache and click on the Clear cache and Click on the clear storage button.

After clearing your Contacts app’s cache and storage, the next step is to perform the same steps for two more apps, Contacts storage, and Google Contacts sync. If you cannot find the Contacts storage, tap the three-dot menu on the App info screen and select Show system.

4. Reset App Preferences

Resetting your app preferences will restore all apps to their default settings and auto-enable any disabled apps.

Disabling an important system app can cause some features to break on your phone, resulting in the “android.process.acore has stopped” pop-up occurring. You may not even be aware of accidentally disabling an app, so it’s a good idea to reset your app preferences as a safety measure.

Here’s how to reset your app preferences:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Apps & notifications > See all X apps.
  3. Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
  4. Select Reset app preferences.
  5. Tap Reset apps to confirm.

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5. Clear System Cache Partition

Wiping your phone’s cache partition can help resolve issues any issues on your phone. Any random glitches or errors that have gone undetected by your phone can be resolved by performing a cache wipe. This will delete any temporary or corrupted data on the phone but will not remove any of your data. It is still recommended to keep a backup of your data.

Here’s how to perform a cache partition wipe:

  1. First, Turn off your smartphone.
  2. Press and hold Volume down + Power button or Volume up + Power button + Home button altogether.
  3. System Recovery mode will be seen on the screen.
  4. Use the volume up and down key to navigate.
  5. Select Wipe cache partition and then click the power button to confirm.

If you want to know more about the cache partition, check out our in-depth guide.

6. Update Your Phone’s Software

Manufacturers regularly update their phones to add new features and fix any intermittent bugs and glitches. So, check if any updates are available on your device, as follows:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings.
  2. Go to About Device.
  3. Here, click on Software Update and check for updates, and set the Auto Update.
  4. On some phones, the option could be in the Systems tab.
  5. If an update is available, install it on the device.

7. Factory Reset

If no other solution works, the last bet to fix the “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” error on Android is to perform a factory reset. This will erase all data and reset your device to a blank slate with factory default settings.

If you made a backup, then you don’t have anything to fear as your phone will sync all its data and re-install all your app for you after performing a factory reset. To perform a factory reset:

  1. Go to Settings and then select System.
  2. Next, Select Advanced > Reset options.
  3. ChooseErase all data (factory reset) and confirm your passcode.


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