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Fix This Content Isn't Available Right Now


How to Fix This Content Isn’t Available Right Now on Facebook?

Though the error prevents you from seeing all content on Facebook, don’t worry. You can fix the problem on your own. Here are some possible solutions to try.

Fix This Content Isn’t Available Right Now – Check If You Have Been Blocked

One of the most common reasons for the “this content isn’t available right now Facebook” issue may be that the specific user whose posts you want to view has blocked you. Then, you can visit their profile. If you can visit it, it means you have not been blocked. You can try the next fix.

Get Yourself Unblocked

One of the common reasons behind the error is the person whose post you’re trying to view has blocked you. In that case, you can’t even view his/her profile, images, status, or any post.

However, you can visit that profile first to verify. If it’s visible, that means you’re not blocked. Facebook is displaying the error, maybe for another reason. But if you’re unable to see the profile, contact the person to unblock you or try other fixes.

Unblock The User

If you’re receiving the error while trying to visit someone else’s profile, perhaps you’ve blocked the user in the past.  You can check the Facebook block list and try to remove them to view their profile again.

  • Open Facebook on your mobile.
  • Tap the three vertical lines from the upper right and select Settings & PrivacySettings
  • Open Blocking.
  • Search the person in your blocked list and tap Unblock beside the name.
  • Now you check if the Facebook content is still unavailable after unblocking the user.

Deleted Content

If you see the message “this content isn’t available right now Facebook 2021”, do not worry. Because when the content is removed or deleted, this pop-up error is common. Additionally, Facebook itself also removes a post violating the policy, like if the content is inappropriate, spam, or flagged.

Deactivated or Deleted User Profile

Have you checked that user’s profile? Probably he/she has deactivated or deleted the profile on which the content was posted. So, you may not be able to view it.

Not to mention, Facebook often deletes fake profiles or profiles that haven’t followed the rules and guidelines. If you know that FB friend outside Facebook, you can contact to confirm about profile deactivation.

Changed Privacy Settings

If the Facebook content is not found yet, maybe the owner has changed its privacy settings. There are few privacy options for a post like public, friends, only me, and specific friends.

You could see the post before when the owner set visibility for you. But once he/she changed to more private content, the post is accessible only to those whom he/she allows. Henceforth, you’re getting a “this content is no longer available” error.

Check If You Are Logged Out

Sometimes, Facebook makes you involuntarily log out of your account. This situation can happen when you spend too much time on the platform or for other reasons. Then, you need to refresh the page and when the login screen is displayed, enter your credentials to log in again. Now, check if the “Facebook content not available” issue has been fixed.

Check If the Content Was Deleted

If the content was deleted, the “this content isn’t available right now Facebook” error can also appear. Or in some cases, if it violates Facebook’s policy, the content is spam, inappropriate, or has been flagged, the content will also be deleted.

Check If the Privacy Settings Have Been Changed

Then, you need to check if the privacy settings have been changed. Post owners may change their privacy settings after a while. Once he changes it to more private content, the content is only available to people he allows. So in this case, you may meet the “this content isn’t available right now Facebook” issue.

Fix This Content Isn’t Available Right Now – Check for Virus and Malware

If the “Facebook this content isn’t available right now” issue still exists, you had better check for malware and virus. Viruses and malware can cause the issue and some other serious problems on your PC. You can use Windows Defender or Avast antivirus to check for the virus.

Check for Location or Age Restrictions

Facebook attaches great importance to age restrictions and does not allow users below the set limit to watch content. If the page administrator has decided to limit the content to a specific age group or a specific location, the “this content isn’t available right now” issue will appear. Thus, it’s recommended to check for it.


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