Increase RAM on Android Devices – RAM means Random Access Memory. RAM is hardware that your mobile users when it is doing something. E.g., when you are modifying a photo both the image and the app you’re using to modify it are both in the RAM after completion of editing the photo is then will be saved to your phone storage so it can’t get lost. If you have more RAM then you can do more things simultaneously, so e.g. you can play the game, open browsers, and even chatting the same time.

The biggest issue with RAM is that it is not empty. Some of the system processes and Applications are continuously run even you really don’t need them. so you can’t totally clear RAM. Due to this issue, your mobile performance is degraded and mobile starts to, lagging, stuttering, and sometimes crash too.


Best Methods to Increase RAM of Android Device

Increase your RAM space with the two best methods which allow boosting and increasing the RAM space of your smartphone or gadget which runs with than RO did OS of outdated versions.



Increase RAM on Android Devices

Increase RAM on Android Devices – The method of increasing RAM of Android smart gadget has the following requirements,

  • Make Sure that your gadget has a higher or class 4 micro SD Card
  • Rooted Android Smart Phone or tablet.
  • A Windows OS operated PC
  • SD Card compatible reader

A simple guide to Increase RAM of your Android smart gadget

1. Specified Android Phone/Gadget must support swapping.

We caution the user to check once again if your device supports the application thus test it by installing the app MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check.

2. In Your Android Device Sectionalize your micro SD Card which is being used as the secondary memory

  • Use any tool to partition your smart micro SD card we suggest you use the Mini tool, partition wizard. CLICK here to download the mini tool partition wizard.
  • Optimize your memory card by inserting it into the SD Card compatible reader and connecting it with the PC to make internal space partitions of it.
  • Next, install the open Mini tool partition after downloaded and format the inserted SD card.
  • By right-clicking on inserted SD card create Partitions and select the partition as primary and file system as FAT32 for a card more than 4GB.
  • Entrust about 1 GB memory for the next partition.
  • Click on’ Done’ and again click on the make partition option select primary partition but change the file system to EXT2, EXT3, or EXT4.
  • Apply all the changes to make the partition completed.

3. Link with your Rooted Android Device.

  • With your rooted android device Link Your Micro SD Card.
  • Browse Google Play Store and download Link2SD.
  • Next Download and launch the Link2SD app and give root permission to choose the “.ext” partition and start linking them.

4. Increase RAM for your Android Device

  • To increase the RAM of your Android smart gadget, you need to download Swapper for Root.
  • Download and launch the Swapper for Root app and select the amount of RAM you want to increase which creates a .swp file increasing the RAM of your Android Device.


  • Install an app RAM Booster(Memory Cleaner), From the Google Play store

Increase RAM on Android Devices

  • You will Find an Interface After installing the app open it.
  • You can find that how much ram is Freeable, then you will see overall storage usageoverall ram usage on the top.
  • Scroll down then you will find a RAM usage graph, this will show that how your smartphone uses your ram.
  • Scroll up and at the bottom center of the screen, you will find a button that displays the ram that is freeable, click on that.
  • After that, there will be a pop-up in which you will be shown the apps that will be closed by the RAM Booster app, & then click on the rocket sign.
  • It may take a few seconds & now you are ready to go with your boosted phone.

If in case the above process did not go well you can also follow the below process.


  • Install an app from the play store (Smart Booster Free Cleaner)
  • After installing open the app.

Now click on the three-line at the top left corner of the screen

  • After clicking you will come to this page
  • Now click on settings. You will get these options. And now from these options click on Ram Boost.
  • After clicking on Ram Boost you will have these options. Now select the Boost level option.
  • You will be shown many levels of a boost after clicking on the boost level option
  • Select one according to your needs. In our case, we have selected STRONG.
  • Now swipe down and select the Boost automatically option.
  • Next, come back and tap on the ‘ Free RAM ‘. on the Main Screen
  • Now at last click on ‘BOOST‘ &, this will solve all your problems concerning low ram without rooting your device.


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