Electronic Signature 

Today’s digital society has made the transition from hard copies to electronic documents. However, there is still a need for signatures. An online signature on documents is proof of legal validity, so documents with a signature can be used in all kinds of operations.

What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a document attribute. It is used to confirm the identity of the signature owner. To put it in simple terms, it’s a unique combination of symbols, which in general is a modern analog of the regular signatures on paper documents. 

Making an electronic signature enables you to create and validate digital electronic documents. The electronic signature also protects the document from forgeries and unauthorized copies. When it is applied to documents, the signature will have the following look: a sequence of digits or letters, which fully corresponds to the encryption key with the code specified in the certificate, a graphic picture, or a stamp where the signature of the certificate holder is specified.

Best Method to Create an Electronic Signature

There is an increasing need to sign documents with an electronic signature, so it is very important to know how to do it correctly. There are many different benefits to having a proper signature. However, despite the growing trend regarding electronic digital signatures, many users have never been able to figure out how to master it. The reason for this can be attributed to the existence of different document formats to deal with.

In order to understand what is the best way to sign documents with an electronic signature, you need to understand the number of options:

  • Electronic signature for Exel and Word documents – the basic MO function does not allow to create an electronic signature with legal effect.
  • Electronic signature for PDF documents – Adobe Reader or Acrobat requires the availability of additional tools, for example, Pandadoc.
  • Electronic signature for documents via the platform – the ability to sign documents electronically without installing additional software on your computer.

The possibility to save an electronic signature helps avoid the hassle and repeated attempts to generate a signature in the future. Furthermore, it can be used at any time. This not only helps save time and effort but also saves the user from having to make changes in the setup process. In addition, an electronic signature is an opportunity to create documents with legal value, perform analytics, and send signed documents to public and private organizations. Since multitasking and efficiency are very important in the digital space, an online-generated digital signature is the best solution.

Handy Application for Creating an Electronic Signature

The software and application market is ready to provide a bunch of options for creating electronic signatures, so it’s not easy to find something really good and effective. Pandadoc is an example of a high-quality and simple interface and extensive functionality. This application for the smartphone is affordable for any user because it works on a free-of-charge basis. That is, there is a possibility to use a free package of services, or to order a premium version, which gives access to various interesting and useful features.

PandaDoc guarantees a comprehensive approach when it comes to working with documents. You can even observe a certain similarity with Adobe. However, this application offers not only to submit an application for an electronic signature but also to create, fill in contracts and documentation, edit documents, leave offers, etc.

Moreover, PandaDoc cooperates with many payment systems, including the famous PayPal, Square, Stripe, etc. This ensures smooth payment transactions in this e-signature application.

Here is one aspect that many users will surely appreciate: the free package gives the user an unlimited number of signatures, which definitely have legal value, the ability to track activities, and available support for payment transactions. The platform offers some really great functionality, where anyone can make an electronic signature on the official website at createmysignature.com.


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