Pre-Cache Google Maps – Google Maps for Android has an amazing feature that lets you store parts of maps, offline, on your mobile so that you can still access them when you are in an area where either you have very weak or no network coverage.

Pre-Cache Google Maps

One of the features of service workers is the ability to save a set of files to the cache when the service worker is installing This is often referred to as “preaching” since you are caching content ahead of the service worker is used.

This Google Cache contains the snapshot of the raw HTML that Googlebot received from your server. Then the HTML captured by Google is rendered by your browser. The idea behind Google storing cached pages is simple and it lets users browse a page when the page is down or in the event of a temporary timeout.


How to Enable Pre-Cache of the Android Mobile:

  • On your device, Launch the Google Maps
  • Next, Press Menu Button and select more.
  • By selecting cache First Clean your cache in that menu.
  • To find the Pre Cache Map Area feature, select the Labs menu and scroll down.
  • After the process is Done then, now go to a place that you want to store offline in your maps.
  • Then Make a long press and you will see the bubble getting displayed.
  • Next, select it and scroll down to find an option that says “Pre-Cache map area”
  • On your mobile, this will then start downloading map tiles of 10 Mi in radius from the area you selected.
  • That Offline area will be marked so when you get back any time here you will be able to understand.

How to test it?

  • First, Turn off your data connection
  • Install or Launch the maps and go to the area on the map which you pre-cached.
  • See if you can zoom in and cover all the roads and turns as well.

How to Pre-Cache the Google Maps on Android

Pre-Cache Google Maps – While traveling abroad or to unknown places in the same country Google Maps are heavily used. However, cellular networks may not be available everywhere, especially abroad. In those cases, one is left standard and reliant on strangers to guide for the nearest book store or coffee shop.

Google Maps for Android offers an experimental Labs feature &#151 Pre-cache Map Area, which allows downloading map data and saves it on the phone. This data can be accessed and use when there is no network coverage.

Here is a simple guide on how to pre-cache Google Maps on an Android smartphone:

  1. On your Mobile, first Launch the Google Maps app. Then press the Menu button, go to settings, and tap on the Labs option.
  2. Scroll down to choose the Pre-cache map area.
  3. Choose the respective area you wish to pre-cache on the Map.
  4. Click on the popped-up balloon and go to the menu to choose the pre-cache map area from the details page.
  5. At last download the map data for the area you have selected.

By default, the Google Maps app will download and pre-cache the map data for the area you selected. when done, the map will outline the pre-cached area which is available even in offline mode.

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