Use Alexa as Bluetooth Speaker without Wi-Fi – Alexa is Amazon’s voice AI. Alexa lives in the cloud and is happy to help anywhere there’s internet access and a device that can connect to Alexa. Voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri are capable of performing more tasks than you might think, especially if you haven’t checked in with them for a while. Amazon calls these third-party apps ‘skills’, and there are now over 100,000 available in the Alexa Skills store.

Use Alexa as Bluetooth Speaker without Wi-Fi

Plenty of these skills are completely rubbish but there’s more to Alexa than just checking the weather, turning on the lights, and ordering takeaway food.

Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wifi:

The regular usage of the Echo involves a lot of communication with the Alexa, consequently, the Bluetooth setup process demands a little conversation with Amazon’s intelligent assistant. To make Alexa execute the orders, one needs to converse with the Alexa device.

  1. In the initial step, you need to make certain that you are within the range of your Echo device.
  2. After that, tell Alexa to turn on the Bluetooth.
  3. Then, you will receive a response from Alexa, “searching”. This is equivalent to pairing a Bluetooth device.
  4. Open Settings on your device and then touch on Bluetooth.
  5. Under the option of other devices, look for Echo and tap on it.

How to Pair Devices via Bluetooth using Alexa App

As you see above “How to pair Alexa Devices with a Voice Command”, you can also Open your Alexa App on your Smartphone or tablet and follow the steps shown below:

  1. First tap on the menu icon designed at the upper-left corner of your smartphone.
  2. Search and Select “Settings”.
  3. Now, choose your Echo Devices from the Alexa Devices Listing.
  4. After selecting your Echo device, move to the next screen and tap on “Bluetooth”.
  5. As you tap in Bluetooth next screen will appear on which “Enter Paring Mode” is shown. Select that “Pairing Mode” to start the devices pairing process.
  6. If anytime you need to remove the paired devices just select “Clear” mode and wipe the Bluetooth paired devices completely.
  7. Once you selected “Pairing Mode”, then the app will give a pop-up saying that your Alexa is in pairing mode.
  8. So, at the last step, you need to go to your Bluetooth setting on your smartphone to connect the Echo devices to Phones and tablets.

Now that you’re connected over Bluetooth you can easily use the Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker without any connectivity with the Wifi. Eventually, any audio you play over your device can play over the Echo.

Use Alexa Echo Device as a Bluetooth Speaker Without WiFi or Internet

1. Enable Phone’s WiFi Hotspot

  1. To start with, enable the WiFi hotspot on your phone.
  2. On Android, you can enable it in Settings > WiFi & Network > WiFi Hotspot.
  3. iPhone users, on the other hand, can turn on the hotspot from Settings > Personal Hotspot.

2. Plugin and Setup the Echo Alexa Device

  1. Now, plugin your Alexa Echo device to a power source.
  2. Install and open the Alexa app on your phone.
  3. Sign in with your Amazon account if not already.
  4. Click on More > Add Device.
  5. Select Amazon Echo and your model- Echo, Echo Dot, Dot Plus, etc.
  6. Once Alexa enters setup mode and starts blinking orange light, follow the instructions to proceed further.
  7. Allow access to location services when prompted.
  8. Then, select your phone’s WiFi hotspot and enter the password to connect.
  9. After the device is set up, say Alexa to ensure it’s up and working.

3. Pair Alexa to Your Phone’s Bluetooth

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Go to Bluetooth and turn it on.
  3. Now, say, “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, connect to Bluetooth.”
  4. On your phone, click on Pair New Device. Let it scan for available devices.
  5. Look for the Echo device in the list of available devices.
  6. Tap your Echo device to connect it to your phone.

Alexa will say “Playing from <phone’s name>” to notify that it’s connected to your phone.

4. Turn Off the Hotspot, Use Alexa Without WiFi

Now that Alexa is successfully paired with your phone’s Bluetooth, you can disable your phone’s WiFi hotspot. The Echo device will keep paired with your phone to play music over Bluetooth. Once you’re done, you can disconnect it from your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

The Echo device will automatically connect to your phone every time you turn it on, even if it’s not connected to WiFi. If it doesn’t, simply open Bluetooth settings on your phone and tap your Echo from the list of paired devices.

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