Already have heard about IPTV? Want to get it on iPhone or Android as well? Read on to get the details:

What is an IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is truly reliable in comparison to satellite TV and cable. Over an above that, it offers advanced features including:

  • Hundreds of channels in multiple languages;
  • The app has a faster speed;
  • Allows watching on-demand videos;
  • Inexpensive than traditional Television;
  • Allows the usage of several applications for free;
  • The option of live multiplayer gaming with some apps;

Do you want to watch IPTV on your iPhone or Android device? Well, we have simplified your research for you via this detailed guide. Have a look at it to get acquainted with the procedure:

Watch IPTV on Android Device:

It depends upon the kind of device, which you have to set up for your IPTV services.

First of all, check for whether your streaming is Multicast or Unicast. For checking this, see your hyperlinks and channel information in any Text Editor by opening your playlist.

You will get to know the answer by viewing the start of your links. For instance, if the link starts with HTTP://, it indicates that your streaming is Unicast. On the flip side, UDP//@ or UDP//, at the starting of the link means you have Multicast Streaming.

How to Watch IPTV on iPhone Or Android

Setting Up Multicast Streams:



Since some of the Android devices are compatible with Multicast while others do not, this step is somewhat complicated.   

So, you need to know the type of Android device you own in the first place. By default, some of the devices already come with a disabled multicast option in the settings. You need to download the File Manager App for checking if your device is having net/igmp.

The process truly appears to be very simple in case your device is supporting multicast. You can directly open UDP streams with the help of any multimedia player such as MX Player or VLC Player in your Android device.

Apart from this, installing IPTV is another fine option that will allow you using it, as a playlist to view the multicast stream. Bear in mind that the process of setting it up can be complicated without a multicast. You require an external PC that will serve as a proxy between HTTP and UDP. Then, your computer will be able to switch UDP to HTTP.

Setting Up Unicast Streams:



In case your cell phone supports unicast streams, all you need is appropriate applications through which you can enjoy IPTV. Few examples of such apps are MX Player and IPTV app.

Watch IPTV on iPhone Device:

The process of setting up IPTV on your iPhone is very simple. Get to know this below:

Firstly, make sure that your iPhone has a good internet connection that has IPTV streams as well.

Moreover, your playlist should be in m3u8 or m3u formats.  

Subsequently, get a multimedia application. In view of recommendations, get an app which is capable of supporting maximum formats. Adding to it, the respective app should have the support of handling both the multicast and unicast streams.  

How to Watch IPTV on iPhone Or Android

After doing this, you are allowed to load the streams on your device and have fun!

Was not it super easy to set up? Have an endless amount of entertainment for as long as you wish for it.

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