HTC U11 Life Unlocked Variants Are Getting Android Oreo Starting Today


The HTC U11 Life is like a mini U11 that is powered by Android One program from Google. So, it was expected that it’ll get regular software updates & the Android Oreo has come even earlier than expected on the Unlocked U11 Life. The HTC VP & Product Manager, Mo Versi published a tweet confirming that, the U11 Life unlocked versions will be getting Oreo starting today.



The regular U11 life came out with Android Oreo out of the box but, the unlocked versions were still running Android 7.1 Nougat so, with the upgrade, all the U11 Life variants will be on Oreo. But, we are still not sure when HTC will bring out the device in countries like India but whatever, If you have a U11 Life unlocked, you should be checking for Oreo.


Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)



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