Huawei Android Watch
Image Source: SlashGear

Android wear is in a good demand and due which, Huawei has started showing its interest into the Android Wear. Vice President of  Huawei, Yang Yong with Trusted Reviews said “We wish we had more freedom to customise the Android Wear platform. Android Wear is not as open as Android. For the watch it cannot be a standard.”

Later Young added “We want the users to feel that it’s their own watch, not a standard watch. People have different appetites for the watch. What we are doing is trying to make from the hardware view, in the design view, in the software view, in the surface view, we are trying to differentiate our watch to appeal to the consumers who will use it.

With Yang Young’s statement, I personally feel that Google should allow the customization option for the Android wear. The reason behind this is; all the Android Wear gives the same users interface, where the only difference that we see is the design of the device. Having a customizable option will allow users to explore more with their Wear.

Considering to Young’s statement, it seems that Huawei is planning to build their first customisable Android Wear. Having a customizable Android wear might will be a bigger threat to other Android Wear competitors. I feel that Huawei might soon announce their first Customizable Android Wear, but not confirmed as it was just an Idea by Young.

What do you think? Will it really bring change to the Wear’s? Having a Customizable Android Wear can bring any changes? Share your thought on this in the comment below.  


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